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Explore a unique adventure based on the content of your computer. · By Emilio, Lorena, toen


A topic by Gord Games created Jul 08, 2018 Views: 228 Replies: 7
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Please allow a "casual" game option.  If it's always permadeath I'm going to play this once, maybe twice, then never again.

Sincerely an indiegogo backer from 2013 who waited 5 years for this.  :(


We will add it on the next update! Sorry for your bad experience :(

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I'll be happy it gets in there.  I just wasn't expecting permadeath.


I understand. The game has endured a change in style, from metroidvania to roguelike, since metroidvania turned out not to make much sense due to the way in which files are structured in people's computers. After many iterations this was for us the best way to experience the game and we wanted to share it like so. We will notify you once that options becomes available!

Finally I can play this game, I feel like I've waited an eternity, and sincerely I was already losing hope. Up to now it has entertained me a lot, and as for the permanent death, I realized that there is an option to try to recover the file, but nothing happens. Is it something they will implement later? Or am I doing something wrong?. Thanks for all the effort of you and your team!

Once you die there is no way to revive. The wrench icon is there for when you go into a weird directory and the game crashes when you load it. It tries to restore it and fix the paths. We should make that clearer.


I would be really happy if you guys allow a "casual game" option. I´m really bad at gaming, and always end up dying after encountering two monsters, hahaha.

Congratulations for the good job!

Yea permadeath kinda sucks.