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How does a room become cursed. I ran into a cursed room "x64". I can browse to that folder, but I can't enter the room because it's "cursed". What makes a room cursed? Is there a way to get in a cursed room. This particular room "x64" that I can't go into because of being cursed is supposed to have a totem in it according to the "totems" file.  So I need to go into that room to beat the game.

Yea permadeath kinda sucks.

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Same problem. I wondered why the totum wasn't in C:\Users\Jacob\Music\Various artists, it's actually supposed to be in "C:/$Recycle.Bin/S-1-5-21-1056652565-2766744919-38996719-1001/$R6O1X1H/Various artists" which is not accessible.

There is also a totum in a room that I can't go in because it's "cursed". Don't know what that's about or how a folder/room becomes "cursed".

Another bug is that Arnie lets you walk past him in the beginning of the game. just a small bug.

First meeting Sarcastic Ghost there is a bug when talking to Sarcastic Ghost where the dialog doesn't always pause and wait for you to hit enter, so as a result you cant read all the text. Windows version 1.0.8

Great game. I just made a payment towards it bc I really want to encourage you to finish it. I finished the demo, I am really anxious to find out how the story ends. Please continue this.