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What is a "cursed" rooms??? Why is a totem in one?

A topic by JacobP81 created Aug 18, 2018 Views: 105 Replies: 1
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How does a room become cursed. I ran into a cursed room "x64". I can browse to that folder, but I can't enter the room because it's "cursed". What makes a room cursed? Is there a way to get in a cursed room. This particular room "x64" that I can't go into because of being cursed is supposed to have a totem in it according to the "totems" file.  So I need to go into that room to beat the game.


Hello Jacob. Cursed rooms are designed to be a limit for your character to not get into very dangerous areas. You can un-curse them by getting that skill with Adventure Points. Also, remember that beating the totems is just to make the final fight easier, but you can face the last boss whenever you find the key to get to it, so destroying all the totems it is not "necessary" to beat the game.

Hope that helps! We will try to make this things clearer via tutorials and better text messages in-game in future updates.