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Rising Dusk - Anti-Coin Platformer launching July 26

A topic by Studio Stobie created Jul 06, 2018 Views: 137 Replies: 4
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Rising Dusk is an Anti-Coin Collection Platformer inspired by Japanese folktales and it's launching soon.  

Rising Dusk will be available on July 26 but you can preorder it now through the Rising Dusk page.  Before that though you should check out the latest trailer. 

Update: Pre-orders not up yet but will be ASAP. Sorry for that.
Update 2: And now the Pre-Orders are up! Hooray!


Congratulations. It doesn't look like you have a pre-order set up on your page though.

BTW, once the game is out ping me and I'll bump you up on the homepage.

You're right! I'll fix that up right away. 

It seems since I had the release date set to a date in the future it locked even the pre-orders. All fixed. Thanks for the help leafo!

And it's out! Go get it now!