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Exclusive content: list of unfulfilled rewards?

A topic by Niall Moody created May 25, 2016 Views: 342 Replies: 2
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Hi, I set up some exclusive content rewards for my game Hummingbird, and I've had someone purchase one of them, but I can't find their details on the Exclusive content screen? All I see is the reward settings and the three rewards I've set up.

The documentation says there should be a list of unfulfilled rewards on that screen, but I don't seem to have one.

(note: I've had to disable the exclusive content rewards because my printer died this morning, meaning I won't be able to fulfil future rewards until I've replaced it. I had the above problem before that happened though, so I doubt it's related)


You can find the list if you go to the rewards page for your project, on the top there's a tab picker. If you don't have any rewards then that page will not be there. (It wasn't there before when you made this topic, which is why you didn't see it originally)

Ah, great, thanks!

One problem though: Clicking the individual purchase Details button doesn't show me the customer's shipping address (which is the information I need in this case), just the basic info of when they bought it and how much they spent.

Each of the game's three rewards are set up with a shipping address field in the Edit Rewards view, so I was assuming the associated address would appear along with the rest of the purchase details.