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Aw, thanks James!

Oh, I guess itch doesn't include a download link for free html games. I've uploaded the file here if you want to take a look.

Thanks! And yeah, I really like bipsi. Having bitsy's ease of use and the ability to plug in little chunks of javascript is really nice.


Ah, great, thanks!

One problem though: Clicking the individual purchase Details button doesn't show me the customer's shipping address (which is the information I need in this case), just the basic info of when they bought it and how much they spent.

Each of the game's three rewards are set up with a shipping address field in the Edit Rewards view, so I was assuming the associated address would appear along with the rest of the purchase details.

Hi, I set up some exclusive content rewards for my game Hummingbird, and I've had someone purchase one of them, but I can't find their details on the Exclusive content screen? All I see is the reward settings and the three rewards I've set up.

The documentation says there should be a list of unfulfilled rewards on that screen, but I don't seem to have one.

(note: I've had to disable the exclusive content rewards because my printer died this morning, meaning I won't be able to fulfil future rewards until I've replaced it. I had the above problem before that happened though, so I doubt it's related)