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Intelligent Design - An evolving ecosystem sandbox

A topic by Pill Bug Interactive created May 22, 2016 Views: 492 Replies: 1
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Hi all,

I've just released my first game on itch - Intelligent Design - the game started with my fascination in swarm behaviours and games where you have indirect control over your goals. Your job is to create a stable ecosystem by creating species of plants and animals, these organisms have genetics which effect their behaviour. They pass on genes to new generations and evolve through genetic mutation. I've released an alpha build because I'm pretty happy with how the sandbox is working and I have some supporters who have been wanting to try it for a while. It's a really tricky game to test because sometimes the creatures can evolve game breaking traits which I haven't predicted - I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature!

Here is the last development video blog I made, I'll be making a new one in the next week but this explains the basics. (I'm doing this as a hobby on weekends)

I watched your intro video from what I see its very complex sandbox game but at the same time is educational.