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16 bit style world building survival game. Craft. Expand. Survive. · By Edward Neave

Myether 0.37 Known Issues Sticky

A topic by Edward Neave created Jun 22, 2018 Views: 216 Replies: 6
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This is a post so you can see what bugs and issues I already know about or have already fixed ready for the next update. As the Known Bugs get fixed they will be moved down to the Fixed Bugs list. (Fixes will be out in the next update)

Known Bugs:

  • None

Fixed Bugs:

  • None

I have the clean water in my inventory. I equiped it, holded right click and nothing happened. That is a bug or I am really stupid?


Hello, you may not be holding it long enough, it does take a little while to consume food and drink in Myether as to stop miss clicks


Thanks! now it works :D

Hello, I have the same problem with water, but when I try to hold down RMB it just keeps repeating sound effect or just takes the item in hand.

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I get the same bug. I held the right mouse button on the water but it wouldn't drink. I died repeatedly from loss of health even though I had TWO cups of clean water. I have died multiple times. I even tried eating the carrots I had this way and the same bug happens, just the repeated sound effect but no consuming.

i can be immortal when i ambout to die by going to the menue then loading again