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A topic by Colbert A Vision created Jun 16, 2018 Views: 130 Replies: 3
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I need to have Dronen tested to see if it works on this site.  I'm also ready to upload more of my projects if I get responses.  


I tried it in windows 10 and a keyboard, and it worked fine. If i may share my opinion in this, the main character is too stiff, the animation is not smooth enough, the jumping mechanism is not flexible, i mean, the first platform is already diificult to get on, and the control is not quite easy to get used to, i have alt for shooting and ctrl for drone shoot, not very comfortable set-up, there is no tutorial or pointer for the button that can be pressed, i can only shoot straight, i can't shoot up or diagonally (up-left, up-right), the enemy is too hard, i mean, i keep getting killed with those wheel with spike, and i can only shoot straight too.

Well thanks for playing.  I'm just happy it works.  Now, the rest of gets to play for free.


Hey there! I tried, it, recorded and wrote a comment with my feedback. And this time I didn't disable video embedding by mistake like I did for the previous game (btw, I've fixed it and now the video should work).