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Settings Bug

A topic by Edward Neave created Jun 06, 2018 Views: 137 Replies: 6
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Hey thought i would give the game another go got into it and sensitivity was sooo slow, so i when into options tried changing it and the slider wouldnt do anything , i tried playing with low sensitivity but just couldn't i'll have to wait till that's fixed


Hey Edward Neave,

I believe that issue should be fixed in the newer versions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hey no problem, i'll give the game another go thanks for letting me know :)

EDIT: i just checked and the game hasn't been updated since i played it's still on 0.0.9e so i think the bug is still there

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I have no clue on whether the setting in game works or not, but I've never felt the game turning/looking/etc slow, Perhaps you've got a multi-setting mouse with a button on it, or perhaps your desktop is set to have the mouse slower? if you right click desktop, personalize, and click for changing mouse pointer, you can click pointer options after the new window opens and adjust mouse speed.

It's also possible (maybe) that you've additional brand software for your mouse that hogs authority and keeps it a certain amount, and that amount happens to translate poorly for MLBS, while other games may have insanely high settings that most would've lowered, While MLBS is just normal, but it's possible the ingame slider still doesn't work at that point  (again, I dunno about that part, I'm more focused on the fact that its slow, and trying to work on that point)

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Hey, i have mouse pointer speed slightly slower than normal i'm talking 1 notch to the left from default, mouse dose have a dpi button i tried changing it but the difference wasn't significant. The game felt <35% the speed i would normally want in a first person game. As for changing the mouse pointer speed it'd be kind of annoying to keep having to change it everytime i want to play the game so i'll just have wait until the settings button works.

Also i don't have any software that does anything to my mouse so that's not the issue

For me the sensitivity is high