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Tag Feeds or Query API - integration with external sites

A topic by greggman created May 07, 2016 Views: 338 Replies: 4
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Assuming this is the correct place ... Let's pretend I made Pico8 ( and that lots of people are posting games made with Pico-8 on (

I'd like to post those on my website in some automated way. Examples

  • use an iframe to ""

    but that's disallowed :(
  • read some RSS feed of game tagged with pico-8

    doesn't seem to exist
  • call some API to query all games with tag=pico-8 then generate embed codes

    no such call currently?

Is that a feature that's a plus to It seems like anything that expands exposure to is a benefit to and creators (more users = more chances for sales). I really like and I'd prefer to point users of my system here to push their games but at the same time I want a way to add them to my site as well. Ideally an automated away. That way I can I don't have to duplicate features and there's no conflict between promoting on my own site vs I don't have to ask creators to do two things (register your game on both sites) etc..

PS: I am NOT the creator of Pico-8 but it's a good example because it's a game creation system and many games are on and on Pico-8's site. Being able to use's features more directly from the Pico-8 site would save the Pico-8 guy the trouble of writing his own custom system. I'm making a library. I'd like to automate exposure to games using my library.

Any chance is interested in pursuing features to support that?


For what it's worth, the RSS feed exists, it's just poorly advertised. Most pages have one, just tack .xml onto the end of the URL: -- it's mentioned somewhere in the docs. I did pester our gracious host to make that easier to find out (an auto-discovery tag on each page would be great), but I guess it just wasn't a priority. It works just fine though, if you know about it. So, hope this helps!

Thanks! That's a start.

It would still be nice to be able to query all games (the RSS feed is "top" games"). I see the app has APIs for querying some of that stuff. Maybe we can use those same APIs at some point


I see I can get newest with

Just thought I'd mention it would be even better if there was a json version of that info. I see I can add `?format=json` but that's just the entire content of the page wrapped in json as one giant content string it's not actually a list of items.