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Linux version, how to launch it?

A topic by percoco2000 created May 22, 2018 Views: 160 Replies: 6
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As in the title, downloaded the zip , decompressed, but no executable... Tried chmod +x FXL, and then launc it, but only get an empty little windows with "FoxyLand" in the title bar.

Running on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit.


Good afternoon.

Thanks for your message!
Run the" executable file" "linux32\FXL".

Thanks to you for answer... 

First , the file FXL is not executable.... You have to manually change its attribute, whit chmod +x ./FXL

then you can run it... But on my ubuntu 12.04 in the terminal it gives me error complaining about a too old libstdc++... may be ubuntu 12.04 is old for this game. I think i've to buy the steam version, hoping it's linked against steam runtime....

No bundled steam key whit my purchase??? :D :D

You really shouldn't be on 12.04. It's long past its end of life. Please update your operating system.

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I know.... But i'm too lazy, and my sistem is working very well.... No time to retune the new system ;). Anyway, no problem, i'm happy to have supported a linux developer .


Thanks for your message!

Apparently, you need to upgrade your OS.

As i stated, think so too. But i suggest you to put ubuntu 14.04 or equivalent as minimum requirement. A generic "linux OS" is a bit confusing ....