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Get ready to plunge into an exciting new platforming adventure with Foxy!
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Foxy bought a house with Jenny and the little foxes, Tim and Cindy. All was well until the evil Duke and his brother Jax attacked and trashed everything in it... kidnapped the little foxes! Foxy and Jenny are now forced to go on a dangerous and exciting adventure around the island to prevent the Wolfie Brothers to carry out their insidious and evil plan...

Detective Time is a game in the genre of "short interactive cinema".

The story takes place in an American town. A detective named Randy arrived at the crime scene, where the fishermen found the body of an unknown man in the lake. You need to look for clues, interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, break door locks and safes to figure out who the murderer is. The game has 4 different endings and the outcome will depend on your correct choice. 

Peculiarities: - Original plot  - Interactive story  - Investigate the murder personally!  - Background sound creates the unforgettable atmosphere - Gamepad Support with vibration

In the game ToaZZle You have to go through 40 interesting levels of puzzle,

which would leave only the red frog on a water lilies. Jump from water lilies to water lilies as fast and deftly as you can, trying not to get into the pond, but pushing others there!

Sounds simple, doesn't it? It's easy to check. Start ToaZZle right now and start passing levels as fast as possible to get 3 stars and achievements! Show everyone who is the king of the pond!

Peculiar properties: - Beautiful graphics - Challenging and interesting levels - Pleasant soundtrack - Achievements

The source file is made on Construct 2. Multiplayer is done on the basis of the Photon Engine. Construct 3 is also supported(Requires the installation of the file Photon.c3addon, which is attached in the file.)

There is the possibility of choosing awartani based on JS script inside Construct 2. Full support for mobile platforms (screen Adaptation and touch control support.)+getting nickname from Google Play Service and Game Center.


DEEP SPACE - a new game from BUG-Studio representing hardcore-endless Sci-fi platformer,  which generates new levels on the go! Each new level will not be like the past!

Thanks for your message!

Apparently, you need to upgrade your OS.

Good afternoon.

Thanks for your message!
Run the" executable file" "linux32\FXL".

Ah... love, Love... How beautifully in one word. My mind is racing, my stomach flutter butterflies, heart racing. Are you willing to do anything to give a million cherries, collect all the jewels and even save your favorite?

Our game Etaria was released in February of 2016 :)

Welcome to DinoOps, rookie!

Here we will teach you to survive during the Jurassic Period. Stock up on ammo and buy a new gun, get your armor and prepare for battle! Beware of the dinosaurs! Every kind of a dinosaur has its own characteristics! Be prepared for the tasks that you give the government. Always be on guard, because you don't know what the "beast" is waiting for you on the new job, right?

Welcome to the territory of the lands of Gedeo.

A long time ago, the village was attacked by bloodthirsty wizard Cowden. He claimed thousands of lives, destroyed homes and wreaked havoc on the village. All relatives of the main character was killed... And then he promised himself that sooner or later will take revenge!

Thank you.
We'd love your support :)

Thank you.
We'd love your support :)

Socxel - game for one, two or four players. Play some football matches against the computer or with friends. Just do not forget that you can play with other people on the internet! Earn Online points, and getting on first place in the table of records!

Immerse yourself in prehistoric world of adventures and dangers! 

Survive in this world is not so easy, you need follow these points: ◄ World of StoneBack ►  The world in StoneBack fully randomly generated, and endless in all directions. You can walk wherever you want, no any borders.

◄ Food ►  First of all, take care of the food. In this world working Only one rule - "You or kill, or die". Be always ready to next hunting. 

◄ Dinosaurs ►  In this world, you are not alone, so be careful. Some dinosaurs are not aggressive, and they will not touching you, some becomes aggressive just when you will be close to their nests, on some you will be able to ride. Anyway you must be careful.

◄ Night ►  Nights in this world are very dark, so don't forget about torch, to stay alive in your first night. But night is not such terrible time as it seems. At Night you need try to steal so much eggs how it possible, while all dinosaurs sleeping. Good Luck with that ;)

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Endless expanses of the galaxy is waiting for you!

The new game from BUG-Studio you have to assume the role of a small, but very brave astronaut who travels from planet to planet in search of a variety of useful resources.

Etaria is fictional and mysterious world with a variety of animals and creatures. 

In this wonderful world, you main goal is to establish your village and citizens, and lead them to prosperity.

Welcome to FeeSoeeD. Open the front door to a beautiful underground world of future!
Play as a brave Explorer who will fully obey Your orders. Guide him through many dangerous and exciting levels. Use the new invention, the "Portal Gun" that allows You to overcome the obstacles! 
But do not forget that You are not alone in this world! Call your friends or random players to play with You! Go through the levels together, because so much more fun and interesting! 
And also, You can compete in the Arena, and find out who the best player in FeeSoeeD!

The beautiful world of the future
-Excellent sound
-Interesting gameplay of the classic platformer with some new elements
-Online COOP
-Online Arena
-And much more!