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As i stated, think so too. But i suggest you to put ubuntu 14.04 or equivalent as minimum requirement. A generic "linux OS" is a bit confusing ....

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I know.... But i'm too lazy, and my sistem is working very well.... No time to retune the new system ;). Anyway, no problem, i'm happy to have supported a linux developer .

Thanks to you for answer... 

First , the file FXL is not executable.... You have to manually change its attribute, whit chmod +x ./FXL

then you can run it... But on my ubuntu 12.04 in the terminal it gives me error complaining about a too old libstdc++... may be ubuntu 12.04 is old for this game. I think i've to buy the steam version, hoping it's linked against steam runtime....

No bundled steam key whit my purchase??? :D :D

As in the title, downloaded the zip , decompressed, but no executable... Tried chmod +x FXL, and then launc it, but only get an empty little windows with "FoxyLand" in the title bar.

Running on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit.