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FNAF: Purgatory 2

Stuck in an endless loop of your creation with Animatronics haunting the halls. · By TwistedTwigleg

Btw, how's the next update going?

A topic by Dave Microwaves Games created May 19, 2018 Views: 121 Replies: 3
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Been awhile since I've seen a new update for this game.

Hey! Sorry about the delay in getting back! I was busy until recently and didn’t see the notification until now.

As for how the update is going, I actually had to stop working on it. Real life got in the way and I needed to shift my focus to other stuff. To be honest, I totally forgot all about it until now.

Currently I have no plans to continue the update, as I’d rather use my time elsewhere on my own original stuff.

I am currently working on hard on new projects, and on something I think will help game developers! I’m really excited to let everyone know all about it once it’s ready, which will hopefully be soonish.

As for this game,  who knows?  Maybe something FNAF purgatory related will eventually make it’s way back into my schedule :)

Thanks for asking!

(I really should make a devlog post explaining all this, so everyone knows ...)

Ah I see. Can't wait to see whatever you brew up next!