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Of course it'll be released, lol.

Ah, that's not a bug. The hammer will spawn in one of three locations each time you play.

Yeah, it is a fan game, so I can't charge for it, lol.

Yeah, it is a fangame so I can't charge for it.

Around the Clock no longer has an estimated release date and isn't available to download yet. The game will be available when it's done.

I don't take suggestions, sorry!

There is currently no estimated release date for Around the Clock. It'll be done when it's done.

It's been put on hold until Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom is released. Currently there is no estimated release date, but the game is slowly nearing completion.

Download and use winrar to unzip .rar files in order to launch the application.

No problem!

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Thank you for the kind words! Oh and here's the key, lemmie know when you snag it! (Claimed)

Damn, welp, let me know when you catch this comment and I'll drop a key here for ya to snag.

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Your monitor's resolution is most likely not supported. :/

Oof, that's really bizarre. You don't see a grey download button at the top of the game page either?

Cool, lemmie know if it's working now.

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Claim it quick, and let me know when you do so I can remove this, lol. (Claimed)

That's bizarre. If you purchased the game it should appear in your library and there should be a grey bar at the top of the STFTD game page with a download button. I can send you a STFTD key to redeem if you want.

And it won't let you download the game? There should be a big grey button on the top of the gamepage that let's you redownload it. And I believe you can find purchased games in your library.

Can you login to that account that bought it? If not, I can send you a key here.

Preferably I'd like if you won't create your own version of my work, as that is technically stealing. But if you're referring to just making your own original horror games, yeah I'm sure you could create your own horror games in Unity.

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Ah yeah, sure. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

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We're not looking for any new recruits, sorry! And as for a video, I have none in mind tbh, I kind of just looked for random low poly tutorials.

I ain't really one to keep in contact with folks unless I personally know them, just usually how me and my team roll, haha. Best advice I can give you before you set off on your grand adventure into the world of game development is to stick around in the Unreal Engine forums and/or Discord server. The folks there are usually really helpful, so I'd recommend checking it out. Good luck man, and off I go for the night.

Dunno, I ain't an expert with the technicalities of UE4. Might want to contact Epic Support for that one or Google it.

I pretty much just started looking up tutorials on Youtube for 3D modeling in Blender and horror game tutorials and just started to build up from there, lol.

Yeah, I understand man. But there ain’t much I can tell you, mostly cause I like keep my code a secret, lol. But I’m sure you can find plenty of tutorials online for modeling Low Poly in Blender. And for code, you could probably look up UE4 horror tutorials on YouTube. Again, sorry if I can’t help you out, just keep in mind we all wanna chill in the comments, just try to keep the game dev questions to a minimum, lol.

You're spamming my comment section with game dev related questions, using alt accounts and not listening to my previous comment about not to ask me game dev questions. I'm not your tutor, please consult the internet for tutorials and other information.

Hmm, I think that's why. I got a few reports like that in the past and usually only happened with that one resolution, I don't know why. Guess UE4 has a hard time auto adjusting to it? I'll most likely be looking into adding resolution settings in the future when I get the time to work on the big overhaul update for the game. Really sorry this is happening to you. If you purchased the game recently, I think you can still request a refund via Paypal or Itchio if you wish.

Oh damn, it might have to do with your monitor's resolution settings. What's your monitor's resolution?

Once you download it, you must extract the .rar using winrar or any unzipping program in order to play the game. Once extracted, you should be able to launch the application. If you did those steps and it's still closing out, let me know if it's giving you an error message.

I think the right mouse button being binded to the flashlight was an intentional feature if my memory serves me right? Tbh, I'm not sure why I chose right mouse button, lol. As for the camera issues being the same problem only on that one PC, honestly, I've got no clue unfortunately. :/

That's weird? Your mouse should be able to control the camera. Might be a problem on your end? :/

The game is still in development and set for release in Spring 2020.

You need to extract the .rar using winrar in order to play the game.

.rars are used to compress the file size. I'm unable to upload these games as zips, otherwise they'd be pretty massive. I'd recommend downloading winrar or any unzipping program, since most games these days that are uploaded use .rars instead of zips.

Around the Clock should be out sometime in Spring 2020. Could be any day in Spring.

Nah, it's pretty much 100% finished.

The last trophy is hidden in the Christmas mode.

Ah damn, haven't heard anyone get the D3D error in a long time. There is a fix for that tho.

Unreal Engine 4, you can download it on Epic Games.