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Dave Microwaves Games

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What? Lol, dude of course my game is safe. Look at all the Youtubers playing it like Markiplier. And the game is completely free with the option to donate.

lol. Well, thanks for playing my game dude!

Damn, that sounds like a really good idea. Gonna write that down real quick. Anyway, thanks for playing my game dude!

Glad you had fun playing it! I'll make more childhood ruining games in the future like Courage The Cowardly Dog (That's ruined people's childhood already) and a Blues Clues horror game.

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Thanks man! Yeah, that was quite the shocker to see Mark play my game. :D

Thanks for playing man! :D

Thanks man! Glad you really liked it! I just realized that that's a bug where if you go back upstairs and die it would restart the whole game. Anyway, thanks for playing!

Replied to Indurok in TUNKY comments
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Glad you enjoyed it! Btw, you got lucky the items were in the same place cause it's random in each playthrough. I feel like TUNKY wasn't scary enough so in the sequel to this game that I'm currently working on, BUNKY, will be much more scary and unpredictable. Hopefully it turns out well. :D

Haha, glad you liked the spooky atmosphere. Thanks for playing my game dude!

lol, totally understandable, it can be pretty difficult when he spawns right next to you like in the kitchen or the bathroom. Thanks for playing!

Thanks man! Glad you got scared by it, lol.

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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lol, it's fine man. :)

Thanks man! Glad you liked the game. :D

Glad you enjoyed this one! It can be a little hard finding the fuses cause the map (I think) was a little too big. But anyway, thanks for playing!

It is for windows.

Lol, oh yeah I saw that. That was pretty funny to watch. ;D

Haha, glad you had fun playing it! Thanks for playing dude!

Thanks man! Yeah I'm really glad I made this one, it was one of my favorite monsters from the show aswell!

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Glad you had fun! Yeah, I should've made the basement a bit smaller, but I think it's pretty easy if you memorize the two spawn locations for the key. Anyway, thanks for playing!

I made sure to make boots come out of nowhere to scare the shit out of anybody that plays it, hahaha! Anyway, thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it dude! And I'll probably go back and try to fix these fps issues soon.

lol, well thanks for playing!

My roadmap as of now is to finish BUNKY, the sequel to TUNKY. Finish Alpha 3 of Dracula's Castle. Then I'll make any game or sequel, possibly the sequel to 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab.

Thanks for playing this one! I always enjoyed this game, that's why I always go back to it every once and awhile to fix something or add something new to the game.

3,264 downloads. Whoof.

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Thanks man! I think the only easter egg you missed was when you go to the corner of the lake by the glowing seaweed, a Diver Ghost will emerge from the water. It was a replication of the scene in the Scooby Doo episode "A Clue For Scooby Doo" where the diver ghost emerges from the lake.

Thanks man! Took me awhile to try to replicate The Krusty Krab but it was worth it. :D

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Well I'll make all my games 32 bit soon enough, I don't feel like doing that right now. I don't use Facebook, but I do use Twitter, not that that matters anyway, but if you wanna learn how to make games using UE4, go on Youtube like I did and learn from the experts. And lastly thanks man! Glad you like my games and I'm happy the 32 bit version is working for you.

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lol it's totally fine dude, I don't get pissed easily, unless there's a certain someone on Gamejolt that's constantly telling you to release a sequel to a game you don't want to make...

Well I really have no clue but with a quick google search I discovered this. https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/353318/ue4-api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-...

Thanks dude! Glad you liked it. :D

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Yeah, Daves my name Microwavings my game, lol. And yeah, whenever I get the funds to get a Vive VR set I'll totally start making VR games.

Thanks dude! Glad you liked it!

Damn, a VR version would be sick and I COULD do that actually, but sadly I don't wanna be spending 600 bucks on a Vive VR set atm. Hopefully one day if I get the spare money in hand I'd totally buy a VR set and go crazy with it making all sorts of VR games.

Thanks dude! I appreciate it. :D

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Okay, so I was able to make a 32 bit version and uploaded it to gamejolt cause I can't upload it here. https://gamejolt.com/games/3_AM_At_The_Krusty_Krab/316892

Hope this helps!

That's awesome you wrote a review man! Glad you liked it! Also, I plan to make a sequel one day that's longer and with the ideas I have in mind, it will definitely be more difficult I'm sure. :)

Currently I have no clue how to make multiple builds to download from. I only know how to upload one build so I chose 64 bit cause that's what I use, sorry man. Once I figure out how to have two builds to download from then I'll definitely add a 32 Bit version of the game.

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Okay, I'm on Windows 10 aswell and it works for me so then it must have to do your rig maybe? Honestly, I have no clue. Again, I'm really sorry I couldn't help you with this issue man, I hope you somehow resolve this issue.