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Lol, nah there aren't. But now I kind of wish I added some references to the show.

Really digging the concept. Could use some improvements here and there, like after winning or losing a fight, it would give you the option to go back to the lobby room or try again. The controls/selecting things could also use some improvements, and I noticed my mouse cursor stayed on the screen for some reason in the lobby room, not sure if that was just a problem on my end or the game. But overall, I'm really liking it so far! Looking forward to seeing how the game evolves.

Unfortunately my games don't support VR, however you can play the game with a VR but only looking at it like a virtual screen, but not being able to move your head around in game or anything. Might consider adding VR support in the future if I get the chance.

I use Unreal Engine 4.

Huh, that's weird. I looked it up on the UE4 forums and some users say this can be caused by the user not having DirectX installed correctly.

Unfortunately I don't know the exact specs. However, from watching others play, I've determined that you need a medium to high end PC to run the game at a good framerate on medium or high graphics settings. But the game plays alright on a low end PC on the lowest graphics settings. Guess you can give it a shot on lowest and see how it goes.

I really wish I could, but unfortunately I can't port to Mac since I don't own a Mac. That's how UE4 works for some reason.

I don't think I'll be adding anymore new monsters. But when I do make another content update in the future, I will probably just add in new mechanics or modes. Adding a new monster in a future content update is possible but not something I want to do again, since it was a brutal experience adding in those three new monsters in the last update.

Unreal Engine 4

Yeah, I've chatted with him recently. He's doing good, just been wanting to stay away from social media n stuff. That's why he's removed his Twitter account recently. He has thought about YT recently but he said it's just been more stressful than fun to do, so he's kind of just staying away from it. So I guess for now he's just gonna be going on with his everyday life and taking a break from social media in general.

Yeah same. And I can't add any licensed characters into the game since it's a paid game. Otherwise I'll get in trouble, y'know.

Lol, I do actually have plans to add a similar mode like that in a future content update. Dunno if I'll be doing it but we'll have to see I suppose, haha.

As for that bug, I'm not really sure what's causing that. That may be on your end since no one has ever encountered that bug.

There aren't any commands to improve fps. If you go to the graphics options in the mainmenu, you can choose lowest. Lowest graphics is the lowest the game can go to increase your fps.

lol, It's fine dude, glad you're enjoying it so far. :)

I'll probably make a big post describing every monster's abilities when I release the next big content update next week. Cause it's a lot to write in one comment like this, lol.

Baldi's patrol speed will increase the longer he goes without chasing you. Once he spots you, his speed will decrease to his regular base speed. As for SUNKY, she will spawn the iconic eyeballs from the UNKY games around the map. If these eyes spot you, you will teleport to a random location on the map. This can be both good and bad, it can save you when being chased, or it can teleport you right in front of or near SUNKY.

Don't think I will be doing that, however I will be putting it on sale a few months after it's release most probably.

I assume you didn't unzip it. You need to unzip the .rar folder using winrar or any other unzipping program.

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Understandable, however this was made in Unreal Engine 4. But regardless of what engine it was developed in, the game has enough content to justify the price tag.

Tbh, I don't have a clue. I guess just give it a shot and see how it runs.

Oh shit, I'll have to patch that asap, lol. Thanks for letting me know!

Same, lol. People need to start archiving the really good PT remakes such as this one to make sure it is never lost.

Yeah, I felt like I could've done a better job with this one tbh, even my remaster felt like it could've had more diverse objectives, y'know. If I ever do make a new Scooby Horror in the future, it'll be one that's much larger in scope and will have various objectives to keep the game fresh.

Nah, there's no copyright or anything like that with this game. :)

Haha, enjoy!

Hey, thanks for checking out my game! Sounds like a pretty good offer, but I might think this through first, since the game's been in hiatus for a little while and it's still got a long way to go. But I'll be sure to contact y'all when I'm back to working on the project and nearing completion!

That would be cool, but I would save that for Strange Terror: Ultimate Edition. A game I plan on making sometime in the future that's basicly a big Strange Terror game compiling content from both this game and the sequel, along with new never before seen content and gamemodes.

Perhaps your PC isn't strong enough to play the game. The reason why it was running good on lowest settings on your rig in the first areas of the game, is because those areas are small maps, there's barely any actors in them. But after the alarm part, the map expands adding in a bunch of actors to the map, so that's probably why it's not running as good.

Ah okay, LOL. Hope you enjoy em!

lmao, what do you mean, "Apologies for fucking you". What do you mean, like you said or did something bad recently? Cause I don't remember, lol. Anyway, yeah for sure, it'll definitely run at medium/high I'm sure.

Ah, as cool as that would be, I don't think it'd be possible for me to do. Maybe I could try doing something like that for Strange Terror: Ultimate Edition (Release date is unknown, could come out next year or the year after, who knows) since I'm no longer updating this game.

You mean like co-op multiplayer? If so, I wish I could but multiplayer in Unreal Engine 4 is very difficult to program. Eventually I do want to try overcoming the challenge but right now my priorities are just making singleplayer horror games, y'know. But I would totally love to make co-op horror games in the future though, it would be a blast to work on.

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I don't remember really, just google winrar and see if you can find out. Think the site was called rarlab, but double check to make sure.

You need winrar to unzip the .rar folder, once unzipped, you can play the game.

No, only in this game.

No, it's a dick joke, lol.

If you're referring to mixelman's comment, then he's probably talking about the inappropriate easter egg found far outside the boundaries of the map, lol.

Ah, damn. Unfortunately you’re gonna need a stronger PC to run the game then. :/

You might not have a strong enough computer to run the game. Did you try playing on lowest?