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Dave Microwaves Games

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Did you extract the winrar folder using winrar? Once you extract the .rar file, just open the folder and double click the application.

Ah yeah that dude. Though it wouldn't fit with the theme of this game, plus Courage's Curse is already finished, lol.

I wish I could but I can't port it.

Yeah, damn, that D3D error is something I can't fix. It's a rare bug that happens to some players, but sadly it's not the game's fault, it's Unreal Engine's fault. Nothing I can do unfortunately.

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So first, you need to download it and save it, then use winrar (not adobe) to open the rar file, once opened you can access the folder and double click the application to play.

I am planning on making a new one in the future, though it'd be called Scooby Horror: Arcade. It'll feature multiple randomly generated levels and monsters from the show. I'm hoping to make it sometime this year or next year.

Unfortunately I can't port it to Mac unless I own a Mac, sorry dude. :/

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Damn, I was looking all over for this game cause I had forgotten the name of it and now I finally found it, lol. Gonna give it another try.

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Looks dope! Gonna give it a try.

Damn. I'm not sure what else to do to fix your issue. I'm really sorry dude, I dunno how to fix this. :(

lol, nah I ain't touching Unity and I can't be remaking an entire game in a different engine just to port it to Mac, Sorry dude. I don't really like Unity anyway, and the fact that you have to code and doesn't have the blueprint system UE4 has makes it impossible for me to use. So using that engine is kind of out of the question, lol.

Well, I don't plan on going back to this game, but if I do, I will most certainly add that. But I think it's best to just wait for the sequel, 6 AM at The Chum Bucket. I actually was planning on adding that but at the time when developing the game, I just wasn't in the mood to add any more stuff to the game but now I regret that, lol. Who knows, I might just go back to this game someday.

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I can't port it to Mac cause I don't own a Mac, sorry dude. :/

So what you need to do is tap the ` key in game, type in, r.setRes 1680 x 1050f into the command box, press enter and it should set your resolution to that. Let me know if it works, I just looked that up now on the internet so I have no clue if it'll work.

What's your resolution?

I still have the list with me for when I was developing each monster.

1. DUL - Super Quiet

2. Droner - Is cloaked

3. Fly Man - Can go up ventilation shafts

4. Squid Made of Tar - Can shoot tar that blinds the player

5. Fish Freak - Lays goo traps that can immobilize the player for 4 seconds

6. Martian - Can shoot two lasers every couple of seconds

7. The Reptile - Can charge at the player during a chase

8. The Blob - Lays keycard traps on the floor. When approached, it will spawn The Blob at it's location.

9. Rouge Tinfoil Robot - Can shoot one laser every couple of seconds but moves faster than The Martian

10. The Slime - Can go up ventilation shafts and use the small vents on the walls to spawn from them. (It's slower than The Fly Man I think)

11. Dead Man - Can scream at the player during a chase, which stuns the player for about 2 seconds.

12. Cheeva - Can sprint every 45 seconds outside of a chase to move around the map faster.

13. Xenomorph (From ALIEN) - Can go up ventilation shafts and is faster than The Slime and The Fly Man

14. Berry The Bear (From Shopping Nightmare) - Can spawn Berry clones. When approached, will spawn Berry The Bear at it's location.

15. Monster Coach (From L4D2) Can charge during a chase but his charge lasts longer than The Reptile.

16. Uber Jason - (From Jason X) Cannot be killed and can chase the player a lot longer than any other monster. But is the slowest of all the monsters.

17. Dave Micromonster (That's me!) - Shoots two hamburgers every couple of seconds.

Hope this helps!

Press F to use your flashlight... And to pay respects, lol.

Strange Terror is finished yeah, it's been finished for awhile. Chum Bucket has been in development for about two weeks so I'm hoping to release it by July.

Thanks! And lol, I'll add that to the list of game ideas.

Glad you really liked it!

Nice! I'm glad you did! XD

Try stealthing it out, memorize his movement pattern and see if you can beat that part.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

lol, I'll take that as a compliment. XD

lmao, this was really well made. Good job!

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lol, indeed it is very creepy!

Sadly, you never get to, lol.

Glad you enjoyed it dude! That IT easter egg really spooked ya, huh. XD

Glad you enjoyed it dude!

lol, thanks! Glad you liked it. I don't blame you for quitting though. Berry The Bear comes to life once you pick up that crowbar, lol.

Whoa, whoa, whoa wait a second. Are you the original creator? The one that posted this game way back on the old yoyosandbox gamemaker site? I remember seeing this game on that site back in 2013 or 2014. Holy shit, the nostalgia is real, haha. Damn I'm totally gonna download this game.

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Glad you enjoyed it!


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Unfortunately no, I'll probably never be able to port any of my games to Mac cause I don't own a Mac. Sorry dude. :/

Yeah true, that's a good idea.

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Ah okay I see. Now I feel like a dick for my response to your question, lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

You press the Left Mouse Button like any shooter, lol.

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Did you click save-file when downloading it? Once saved, it should be a rar folder. You need to extract it in order to play.