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Dave Microwaves Games

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Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it dude. I think with my next game I'll try to do more cartoony textures and try to at least make my future games look better overall. But thanks again for playing. :D


I got inspired by the idea of Boots spawning near the end of the game, so I added him. And I added The Map, pinned to a wall as well.

Huh, didn't think she'd get stuck like that. I gotta fix that. And what the heck! That fake Dora at 9:30 that was in that room wasn't supposed to be there. Shoot, that was meant for a screenshot, lol. I'll fix that too. Thanks for playing man!

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Holy shit, this game has really been improved since last I saw it. Good job man.

Just a suggestion, but you should probably edit your game page's color scheme to look more appealing and maybe add more screenshots, cause that one screenshot doesn't tell people much about the game. But it's just a suggestion. :)

I sure did and I really enjoyed it. Like holy shit, I felt like I was playing an episode of The Twilight Zone. You should do more of these, like maybe do ones with characters and dialogue or something. I dunno, but if you make more of these, I'm down to play em. :)

Awesome! I can't wait to try this out as soon as it comes out.

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This is a really random comment, but I just really want to know how you do this. How did you create a GIF of your game and then edit it to add a title to the GIF. Cause I have little experience with editing software. And btw, awesome game. :D

Haha! That's funny, I just watched an episode of (1959) Twilight Zone last night and today I go on Itch.io and discover this. Well, I guess that's a sign that I must play this game.

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You probably should've waited till November 29th to post this game. Cause now it'll get flooded by a bunch of games overtime and no one will find and download your game. It's just something that's happened to me before, and I don't want it to happen to other developers that are trying to gain reputation as well.

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I decided to completely remove the random jumpscares for two reasons. 1. It was kinda dumb, I felt like when I added it, I was just trying to please the people that like that crap, I honestly don't like random jumpscares that happen for no apparent reason. and 2. It suddenly broke the game recently for some unknown reason, causing the screen to freeze.

And out of curiosity, were you able to eventually beat the game? I don't know if I made it too difficult to find the items.

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Damn, I can't wait till this comes out. This whole update sounds friggin cool.

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Okay, after playing for about twenty minutes, I found some stuff that may need changes. Though these are just my suggestions, that's all. 1. The day-night cycle is way too quick. You should make the day time last for about five minutes, and nighttime last for two and a half minutes. 2. increase the overall map size. I found that points of interest (Shops and temples) to be too close to other points of interest, possibly cause the map is a bit small? I dunno, I haven't played it enough to know how big the map is, so take this one with a pinch of salt. So just maybe spread em out a bit more. and 3. which is an obvious one that you'll add overtime, but I'd like to see more weapon and enemy variations.

Well that's all I have to say. I hope you improve upon the game and I hope it gets more attention. :)

I honestly really like the old school graphics. I'd love to see more enemy variations, maybe some cliche looking monsters like Werewolves or something.

Thanks man. :D

I never noticed those AI bugs or those frequent jumpscares. But I fixed em, as well as the key spawns, one of them was a little obscure so I moved it to a more frequently visited place. I'm just gonna upload the new build fixing these issues. So thanks for helping me find and crush these bugs and problems. :D

So the sequel to Scooby Horror has been released!

Gameplay: You play as Shaggy once again to save Scooby Doo (Trapped in a cage) from the group of ghostly aliens wandering an abandoned Airfield. Find items that'll help you in saving Scooby Doo. Cause each time you play, Scooby will be in a different place, on top of that, he'll be in a sort of jam that you must get him out of in order to pick him up and escape. But the ghostly aliens will traverse the Airfield in search of you. You must hide from them and don't get caught. Remember, they've got tricks (more like friggin jumpscares) up their sleeves so you better watch your ass.

Go check it out. https://dave-microwaves-games.itch.io/scooby-horror-2

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Ironic how I just saw this comment as soon as I started working on the itch.io page of Scooby Horror 2. It's coming out in roughly 10 minutes!

Edit: It's out now! Enjoy.

I gotta admit, this is a pretty good game. By the way, you should make your game page more lively by editing the page's color scheme and maybe add an image background for the page. It'll make it look more professional. :)

Oh and another thing, the updated version of Scooby horror lengthened the game, added more random scooby spawn areas, more buildings and areas, and made the floating building have legs.

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Yeah I know, I completly forgot to add jumpscares, but Scooby Horror 2(In the works) will have em. I think. Unless I think of something a little different. And the AI. Yeah, I really need to improve that for sure. :D

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Glad you enjoyed it. :) Keep an eye out, cause in the future I plan on releasing a sequel. With a new villain that people might be familiar with

Thanks man, I was really excited to see your reaction to that lake part.

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Alright, It's updated. You can go ahead and download it. :)

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Btw, I'm about to do a quick patch, adding in a missing sound file and sprucing up the mainmenu loading.

After your video was posted, I decided to release some updates to the game, about two, that addressed some issues that I saw during your video. I added two new Scooby Doo spawning locations and expanded the map to lengthen the game. I also expanded and improved the mines, added more areas to explore in the woods, and a deadly encounter near the lake. So this video really helped in giving me ideas to improve the game.

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Ha, wow, I never thought someone would actually make a video of one of my games, let alone a Scooby game. Thanks man. :D

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Ha, that's funny, I just released a game similar to yours, cause our game's are Slender esque in nature. I gots to download this. :D

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Ever wanted to play a Scooby Doo horror game? Well I have, and you might too! It's a Slender esque horror game where you must find Scooby Doo. He's been kidnapped by a group of (Actual, not dumbass costume villains) ghosts hiding out in the woods. You must find Scooby and get out!

Sheck it out. https://dave-microwaves-games.itch.io/scooby-horror

This looks pretty darn fun. I'll give it a shot.

The Little Prince? As in the movie? Naw I'm just kidding. But that's what popped up in my head as soon as I read the title.

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The new update is the first step to making this game awesome! I really can't wait to see bosses, new enemies and other stuff get added.

This is cool. Reminds me of the itch io game, Chook and Sosig.

Damn! This looks awesome! Reminds me of that game called Dead Block.

Oh okay, that makes sense.

Seems pretty cool I guess. Just hate seeing these bought assets in multiple games though.

Encountered a new bug after the new update. I was playing classic with 2-3 animatronics in a 9x9 map. When I clicked on the first two cameras the game crashed. Dunno why this happened.

Nah that's good. Thanks man!