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Because they're hidden so the player will never know what they look like until you encounter them. I wanted to make the portrait reveal itself once you encounter one in game, but I don't know how to program that, lol.

The Technicolor update was the last update to this game. I don't plan on updating it any further as I'm pleased with the finished product. I hope you understand. :)

Well, it wouldn't work well if I added both TUNKY and BUNKY into Strange Terror. So I had to decide which one to add and I chose BUNKY.

There's no trigger, just walk to the edge of the map where you see the water tower and from a distance you'll see the Spooky Space Kook standing there near the tower. Nothing happens, it's just a fun little easter egg I added.

Glad I fulfilled your wish!

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The thing, is that I've gotten tired of those games, like I used to make them cause I felt like it and they gave me a laugh or two. But now that people are demanding for more, it's become stressful and isn't enjoyable making anymore. I'm sorry if that upsets some, but from now on I'd rather be working on original stuff and make more Scooby Doo horror games in the future, cause those Scooby Horror games are the only parody games that I really, really enjoy making.

You're supposed to unzip the .rar not convert it. But once you unzip it, you need to access the folder and you'll find the application.

I don't do parody games anymore. I'm only making original horror games. Though I do plan on making at least a few more parody games like Scooby Horror: Arcade in the future.

Yeah, pretty much this whole game and it's controls were an experiment.

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Hard mode isn't on the mainmenu. The way you play hardmode is by finding the easter egg that boots up hardmode. To do this, you must beat the basement part, exit the Krusty Krab but instead of leaving, go to the back of the Krusty Krab and you'll see an easter egg, go up to it and press E to play the Hardmode.

Are you getting an error message?

Yeah, lol, it's a pretty hard game. I'd consider this to be my first challenge game. The game is very difficult to beat but it is beatable, as I've beaten the game on hard on my first try and I have seen some people beat hard mode. So don't give up! It's possible!

Ah, that's understandable. I had a feeling this one wasn't gonna be liked by some due to the difficult controls and overall difficulty of the game. Though I'm glad you gave it a shot anyway. :)

Try this solution. https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/7l2qcw/aberration_unreal_engine_is_exi...

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Ah I think it's that your PC either isn't strong or doesn't have the correct hardware to run the game. I'm not quite sure but that's what it seems like. Damn, I'm sorry dude.

The only way to change the resolution is by pressing the ` key to open the command console, then type in the command, r.setRes 1920x1080f (or whatever your computer's resolution is).

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Does it say an error message? Something about D3D error?

Yeah, the wheelchair controls are difficult to handle at first, but eventually you will get the hang of it. Truth be told, the wheelchair is like half the difficulty of this game. Wasn't intentional but it just turned out that way, dunno if I can fix it at this point to be honest.

Ah yeah, I just recently updated the page's lighting a couple of hours ago. I didn't notice it until a friend pointed it out. I dunno how I didn't notice it tbh, I think my screen's brightness it too high so I couldn't tell if it was too dark or not.

Using a post processing effect.

Yeah, lol. Though I'm glad how the wheelchair controls came out. Difficult but funny to use.

Ah yeah, one player encountered that issue in both 64 bit and 32 bit versions. I'm not sure why that happened. I have a theory that it may have to do with some computers or keyboards or something being from the EU causes that weird movement glitch. Cause the one guy that found that bug was from the EU and the other testers were from the US. The US ones never encountered that bug while the EU tester encountered it. Not sure if you're in the EU or US so I don't know if this theory of mine is true.

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The only way to change the resolution is in game, you press the ` key to open the command console, then type in the command, r.setRes 1920x1080f (or whatever your computer's resolution is). I honestly don't understand how this happened to you, if you have older hardware, the game may not run properly. Also, what are your PC's specs? Do you have an old PC?

Ah I see what you're doing wrong, you need to click download and then save don't click open. Once saved, it'll download a .rar folder, use winrar to open the folder. It might not detect the folder as a .rar if you don't have winrar installed, and it'll probably identify it as an internet icon or some shit like that. Just download winrar, then use winrar to extract the .rar folder, once extracted you can open the folder like normal and play.

The chum chase music from spongebob,

and the dramatic music that plays when you're escaping The Chum Bucket,
it's at 0:54

Try this solution. https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/7l2qcw/aberration_unreal_engine_is_exiting_due_to_d3d/

What do you mean? You can't get past the download screen? Or you can't unzip the .rar folder?

The karen chase theme? That was this song, though I edited it in game to sound distorted and faster.

It's hard for me to say, but if you watch a gameplay of someone completing the game, you'll be able to know for sure where they are.

Hmm? The link doesn't work, though I don't understand why you linked that but didn't explain what it was.

I won't be making anymore Spongebob horror games after this. Kind of got tired of the whole parody game thing, sorry dude. :/

There's a third spot I think. It's somewhere, I don't remember, lol.

lol, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ah, that's alright dude. :)

Updated to the latest UE4 version? Yeah.

You don't need UE4 to play the game, all you need is winrar to open the .rar file, then click on the application and play. If opening the application is giving you an error, please let me know what it says.

UE4 games like mine require you to install Microsoft Visual c++2015 to play. Though I haven't got a clue why it's needed.

On start up? Does the error say D3D somewhere in the message? If so, try this fix. https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/7l2qcw/aberration_unreal_engine_is_exiting_due_to_d3d/

There's no download as far as I know.

Yeah, can't stand it when I make these sort of mistakes. The worst part is that 1000 people downloaded that version of the game with the model just standing there, oof.