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Ah, damn. Unfortunately you’re gonna need a stronger PC to run the game then. :/

You might not have a strong enough computer to run the game. Did you try playing on lowest?

Here's a fix for that.

The basement is in Mr.Krabs' office. It's that small hatch next to the desk.

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You need winrar to unzip the rar file. Once unzipped, you can access the application and play. Also the game's Windows only, so there's that.

To download the games, you need to have a Windows computer, next have winrar installed to unzip the .rar folders so you can launch the application.

I'm not planning on doing any ports for my games. Only sticking to Windows for now, sorry dude. :/

I wish I did, but unfortunately I never backup my projects, lol.

I wish, but I don't believe I can do that atm. It'll probably only be on Itch and Gamejolt, at least for now.

Haha, glad you enjoyed it!

I wish I could port it to Mac, but unfortunately Unreal Engine 4 doesn't allow porting to Mac unless you own a Mac. I can only release my games for Windows since that's the only OS I own.

Boy howdy, that was an awesome Gamejam game! Love the spooky Autumn style you went with.

There are three radios. The last radio can spawn in the gardening store, in the back alley ways near the gardening store or inside the third apartment near the gardening store.

Sorry, but I have to make some income. Donations aren't cutting it like they used to. So Strange Terror From The Deep will be released here and on Gamejolt for $2.99.

Don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon.

Unreal Engine 4

Sorry, but I work alone. Plus I don't plan on making another Spongebob game, at least at this time.

Hmm, not sure if I've seen this error before. Does it say something about a d3d error in it? If so, here's a solution.

Pretty cool concept. Was a little confusing at first, especially when I interacted with the gravestone, it froze the game for a few seconds, so I wasn't sure if it had a purpose or not. But then I realized I had to loot pumpkins, lol. Completely forgot it said that in the description of the game. A few things I'd suggest adding is a bit of text when you spawn, explaining your objective n all. And maybe try expanding the map a bit, as it seems rather small (of course, this means you'd probably have to reduce the fog a bit if the map gets any bigger, otherwise you'd be completely lost, haha). Overall, it's a  pretty good game. :)

I don't know what to do about that. Seems like a problem on your end unfortunately. Does it give you an error message after it crashes?

That's some really good feedback. I might be able to go back and update it with some of the stuff ya said. But I'm gonna first see if I have the time to do it, since I'm pretty busy now with the development of Strange Terror From The Deep and Dracula's Castle. Hopefully I'll find some time soon to go back and change/add some of that stuff you said.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless of the hard difficulty. :)

I actually planned on changing the text from "easy to find" to "hard to find", but I honestly thought it was funny the way it was and kept it in. The funny thing is, is that I thought it was easy since I knew the locations and thought people wouldn't have a hard time.

Ah, I didn't come up with that name. The name "Nosferatu" has been presented as possibly an archaic Hungarian-Romanian word, synonymous with "vampire" according to Google. The game however was inspired by the 1922 movie called, Nosferatu.

Unreal Engine 4

I had plans of adding a cross weapon, but I scrapped the idea during development.

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Yeah, you need it to extract the .rar folders.

Here's the solution.

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It's all made from scratch. Only used the First Person Template for the player character itself, but everything else is made by me. To make the map dark, all you need to do is lower the sun downwards, build the lighting and the map should now be nighttime (dark). There's some tutorials on Youtube that I followed on how to make dark maps for horror games n such. You can follow those if you're trying to make some horror games in Unreal Engine 4.

You mean the little piano sounds that play when you wake up? It doesn't have a name besides, Courage_Piano_Wakeup.wav lol. Doesn't have an official name besides the code name I gave it when programming the game. XD

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Are you getting an error message? Is it saying something about D3D error? If so, here's a solution.

If that's not the issue, did you unzip the .rar folder using winrar? You can't launch the game without extracting it first. If that's not the issue, are you playing on a Windows PC? As this game is only compatible with Windows.

Howdy, glad you enjoyed em!

I know that, lol. I'm just saying that I can't give you the sound effect, sorry.

That's odd, it should work. Just click the download button, then when it asks for a donation you click no, take me to downloads or donate if you wish, then click the download buttons that appear. You can choose either 32 bit or 64 bit. As for the Mega download link, unfortunately I can't/don't really feel like doing that, sorry.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoy my games man.

No, sorry.

Hey, thanks for playing, but please refrain from posting your video three times in a row to stay on the top of the comments.

Nothing I can really do about that I'm afraid. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

If the error is saying something about a D3D error, then try this.

No jumpscares. This game was made in a time where I was developing normal adventure games that weren't horror.

You mean the NES mode or the hidden easter eggs that require you to cheat? If you mean the hidden easter eggs that require you to cheat, you have to press ` to open the command console (English keyboard only) then type the command ghost, which allows you to phase through walls. Explore the entire map of the first level and you'll find em both I'm sure. The first one requires you to be at second floor elevation, if you fly around you'll find the easter egg hidden on a rooftop, type the command walk to stop phase walking and get back on your feet. Here, you should be able to read the text on the sign. The second easter egg requires you to be at ground level, fly around the map and you might find the hidden text.