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Dave Microwaves Games

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Damn! This looks awesome! Reminds me of that game called Dead Block.

Oh okay, that makes sense.

Seems pretty cool I guess. Just hate seeing these bought assets in multiple games though.

Encountered a new bug after the new update. I was playing classic with 2-3 animatronics in a 9x9 map. When I clicked on the first two cameras the game crashed. Dunno why this happened.

Nah that's good. Thanks man!

What happened with Konami and this game? Did you get the license or no.

Alright, nice.


Created a new topic Farcry 2?

Um Farcry 2, uhhhh Farcry 2. Seriously, where the hell did this idea come from? A nightmare? Lol.

Yeah you missed one. Put down  that Classic mode crashes often when loading.

Cool. Yeah I'll check the known issues and see if you missed something.

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OS: Windows 10

Almost everytime I go to the options menu to toggle fullscreen, the game will freeze and crash. And when I tried out Purgatory Mode, it was very buggy, like when I turn the player camera with the mouse (No not the cameras I mean the player camera) it would move around very fast. This has never happened to me with any other game. And btw the other mode, Classic, is barely functional as well, because most of the time when I generate a level, it would crash.

Created a new topic So weird.

26 joined and only 6 submitted their games. Well seven because a guy was about to submit his game but it was too late. But still, why do people join a gamejam and not even post their game.

Wow. That's pretty cool, you made  a game that runs on the ZX Spectrum. Well, emulator.

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Oh... Okay then I'll submit it. Thanks.


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What does that mean? What is the theme, cause I don't understand what you mean by "do it yourself". Does that mean I made that robot game for nothing cause it didn't match the theme? I didn't even know there was gonna be a theme.

Update: Oh, Do it yourself meant DIY... I knew that...

Damn, this looks cool.

Okay. Yeah I'm gonna play by the rules. I made the models yesterday, and it took 10 minutes, so I'm gonna reduce 10 minutes to my timelimit. I'm gonna try to make a fullgame as fast as possible. This should be fun! :D

Created a new topic Are we allowed to...

Are we allowed to make some or even all the models required to create the game before or during the week of the gamejam? Or do we have to make the models during the one hour period.

I have no idea what I'm getting myself into, lol. I'll download it. But you should provide some more screenshots and a description.

So glad to see a new Chook and Sosig game!

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Looks interesting. I'll keep an eye on it.

Cool. :D

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Dunno why, but I really like the assets in this game. Especially Foxy. That kind of low poly look is so hard for me to pull off. I hope when you finish updating this game, (which I can't wait for) I hope you'll make a new FNAF Purgatory but free roam, or something similar.

Didn't work. I just submitted a bug report. Perhaps he can fix it.

Okay so all I had to do was launch it as an administrator, but I still can't play the game. The mouse can't select anything for some reason, so I'm shit out of luck. Can you help me dev?

For some reason, when I launch the game, it runs into a runtime error. Why is this happening?

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Love this game.

btw, I just updated it with floor textures, because the game looked awful without it.

Whoa, what the hell?! I made a horror game, and just released it today, that kinda has the same mechanics, where you can't shine your light at the enemy or else you'll die. Though it's very different, mine is a topdown horror game. Your's is a point n click. :)

Created a new topic Suggestions

The game is complete, but sometimes, I like to go back and add some stuff to improve the experience.

Would you like new enemies, shops/items, treasures, etc...

Created a new topic Feedback wanted

If you enjoy the game or hate it, leave some feedback on this topic.