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Your save file may have gotten corrupted. Go into your Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames folder and delete the .sav file. After relaunching the game, it should create a fresh save file and hopefully fix the issue. You will unfortunately lose your progress, but the game should function properly now.

Are you getting any sort of error message when the game crashes? I can't help much if I don't have any specifics to work off of.

It wasn't cut from the game, we simply didn't need to/want to add it to the game.

Ah, UE4 games are usually packaged with OpenSSL for some reason, which causes issues for some folk. Feel like I heard a couple other UE4 games having this issue as well so at least I feel a little better about it not being a me thing, LOL. But if I ever do find a way to remove it from past, present and future games, I certainly will. At the moment, the only bandaid fix for this is to disconnect from the internet and launch the game.

My games are for Windows only, sorry! If you ever see any of my games on the appstore, I wouldn't trust it. More likely than not, it's a shady bootleg.

That may be a PC issue, I'm afraid. Don't know what would cause that.

You need winrar to unzip the .rar folder. Once unzipped, you should be able to open the folder normally and launch the application.

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Does the error message say anything besides, "fatal error"? I'm afraid I can't help you without any details.

This is the game's main page, yes.

I would love to add multiplayer elements to my games, but networking in Unreal Engine is a righteous pain compared to the likes of Unity. Definitely something I would love to explore more in the future if time allows it.

I'm afraid that's not something I can patch. Judging from the amount of ram you have, it's possible your processor and/or graphics card may not be up to snuff to run the game at a decent framerate.

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If it's appearing as a Wordpad, it means you don't have any unzipping application installed on your PC. You'll need Winrar to unzip the game's .rar folder. There are instructions on how to do so if you read the installation instructions on the game page.

Yup, blueprints is the easiest way to program stuff if you have no coding language knowledge like me.

Surprisingly only took me a month to figure out the basics, but of course, I'm still learning so much even after five years of using it. Best tip I can give is looking up UE4 horror game tutorials on Youtube, it's where I learned the ins and outs of it. Better than just reading documentations that's for sure, haha.

I'd definitely recommending looking up on Youtube, "Unreal Engine 4 Camera Bob tutorial" and you should be able to find some pretty decent ones that can explain it better than I can.

I've thought about expanding the game with five extra levels, but I'm still considering it.

Create a sphere, input coordinates to 0,0,0, make the size 2000 on x,y,z, create a material that you want to be your sky texture and make it a two-sided material by clicking the little checkbox on the bottom left that says two-sided. Once you've done that, apply the material to the sphere, disable cast shadows on the sphere and disable it's collision. You should now have your own custom skybox.

I don't plan on adding back this bug since The Krusty Krab was never intended to be easy to S-rank, it is supposed to be the hardest difficulty after all. If you wish to S-rank it the non legitimate way, you can just use cheat codes.

You need winrar or 7zip to unzip the .rar folder.

You mean you can't access the extras menu? Did you try going into Windowed mode to see if it's because of your screen resolution?

Unfortunately I can't upload a 32 bit build, it was abnormally buggy so I removed it from the game page a long time ago. I'm afraid most 32 bit PCs can't run the game at a reasonable framerate anyway, so I didn't find it necessary to keep the 32 build up. Sorry man!

Not quite sure I get what you mean. Are you referring to your resolution being off center?

Yikes, that is very odd. I'm afraid I don't know what would cause that.

Are you getting any sort of crash report when the game crashes? If so, what does the error message say?

Ah I gotcha. Yeah UE4's UI can definitely be a pain to work with when it comes to anchoring buttons/text to make sure they fit with every aspect ratio, lol.

It's possible that it's your monitor's resolution, can try going into window mode and see if that helps. Also, were you clicking on the sticker that says "Extras" or the big red button itself? The button is what takes you to the extras menu.

It is indeed the same ghost.

Just run until they lose sight of you for a few seconds

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Ah yeah, once you use a cheat code that unlocks something, it marks you as a cheater permanently unless you start a newgame. Only cosmetic cheats won't do that, like the swearing cheat. Only activate the actual cheats if you're planning on using them, otherwise there's no need to activate them. Unlocking them is perfectly safe though. Sorry if it wasn't clear in-game. D:

Looks like a D3D error. Usually when folks run into this, I link em' this potential fix. Might be worth taking a look.

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Ah, that might've been because you were hiding in closets. Those are treated as hiding spots, but Goro will only enter search mode during a chase when you hide in a room with doors that aren't transparent. Glad you enjoyed it regardless tho!

Unfortunately I've no clue, lol. Been a long time since I've worked on this game, so I don't exactly remember what I named it.

I don't mind, I ain't running a monopoly on games of this style, lol. Make whatever games you wanna make and have fun!

Starting a newgame is the only way.

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It was edited in the latest update to reflect the cancellation of this update, "Berry's story continues in Strange Terror From The Deep and beyond the nothingness..." In technicality it wasn't a lie since Berry is already in STFTD, just nothing significant to his story happens with him. He's heard in the vents (as seen in Around the Clock) and you can find his plush hidden in the map. The new teaser message basically reflects the change that he's still in STFTD but his story will continue in future games. I can understand if folks are upset about this, I do genuinely feel bad and wish I hadn't teased the update, but I never predicted that I would feel crushed working on it, especially considering how dated the project file was. It just became more apparent that I had to rebuild the game from scratch due to how unoptimized it was.

From what someone said in the comments earlier, apparently turning off your wifi on your laptop/PC and then playing the game prevents the game from crashing? I'd give it a shot if redownloading it doesn't work.

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That fix is meant for corrupted save files, not crashing. If your game is crashing, I'm afraid I don't know what's causing it, especially if there's no error message or crash report for me to go off of, sorry dude.

Are you using Windows 11? Did you get any sort of crash report or error message? I can't really help if you're not providing much information to go off of.

For the most part, it seems the game crashes for a lot of Windows 11 users. From what I heard, the OS isn't 100% compatible with UE4 games yet.

It might be that your save file somehow got corrupted. Go into your Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames folder and delete the .sav file. After relaunching the game, it should create a fresh save file and hopefully fix the issue. You will unfortunately lose your progress, but the game should function properly now.