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You need an unzipping program like Winrar to unzip .rar files. But I'm not sure if the game will run on Chromebook, since it's Windows only. :/

Ah, having Windows 10 shouldn't be a problem. But I'm not quite sure why you're unable to download? Did you click download, take me to the download section, and clicked the download button to start downloading?

It's only him.

Well, you don't really need anything per say. Just double click the application to play it. However, if you tried launching the game through the folder you downloaded it in without unzipping it, you won't be able to play the game since it's a .rar folder. If you didn't unzip it, you'll need an unzipping program like winrar in order to access the folder's contents. The reason it's zipped is basicly a way for me to compress and upload the game onto this site with minimal space being taken, so I'm sorry if it's a minor annoyance, haha. But if you did already unzip the folder, then you'll just need to double click the application to play.

I've wanted to do that for awhile but I've had trouble with trying to port my games to other OS's. Linux was such a strange and frustrating process I kind of just gave up and for Mac you need to own a Mac to port it for some reason. UE4 is just weird like that. I'll definitely try porting my games to other OS's in the future, I just need to dedicate some time to learning how to port to Linux and maybe get my hands on a Mac someday.

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Ah, well it's a secret! But if you really wish to know, a Youtuber by the name, TheNextGenius made a video about it showing how to find it.

It should be in your Itchio library and should've taken you to the download link after purchase. Lemmie know if you still have any problems.

Glad you enjoyed it and all my other ones! One last large Spongebob game is actually in the works called Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom. It's currently in development (started it in January), hoping to get it out the door by October. You can follow progress on the game on my Twitter here:

Lmao, exactly.

Yeah, they're both up to date. It just says updated months ago but that's not true.

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I don't want anyone starting a witch hunt against you, I honestly don't know how they were able to find your game and I don't want this to cause any ill will towards eachother. While I still disagree with your decision to make this game and I do hope you'll reconsider and not make it, I wouldn't want this to turn into a flame war either with my fans attacking you n all.

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Uh dude, this is kind of insulting. You say my game is lazy then you go ahead and start development on a clone? Like come on man, the title is a play on Strange Terror From The Deep, the story sounds similar, there's a character named Dr. Sam instead of Dr. Salmon and the logo looks eerily similar to mine.

So not only do you hate my game soley for the visuals, even though you haven't purchased it and have the experience to back up your review's statements, but hate it so much that you believe you can create your own version with near-identical appearances from a game that costs money only hours after your initial review, then continue to disrespect and defile my work? Not to mention I saw down below you were working on a carbon copy of Nosferatu's Lair of Doom with "realistic" graphics, has an almost identical story and even copied some of the description from my game. Come on dude that's not cool. Can you try developing different games that aren't similar to mine? It'd be cool to see what kind of games your imagination could spark, y'know.

Ah yeah I know that, actually been testing that effect out in my current project. It's just that I usually use flat shading for my models as a design choice, haha.

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Ah, sorry you feel that way towards the graphics. I am slowly improving over time and getting better at modeling and level design. I know some users may not care for the low-poly graphics and style but it's something I enjoy doing and many others aswell. As for your friend who can help, I'm not really one to get help from others y'know, I prefer to work on my projects alone so I can improve myself. But thanks for letting me know though! I Hope you'll give the game a chance someday. :)

Yeah unfortunately Itchio is strict like that or something as far as I know. :/ However, Gamejolt may be different? If you want you can try to purchase the game on Gamejolt and see if they allow visa.

Final AM game means the Spongebob series I made, I will continue to develop games until the end of time however Around The Clock will be my final parody game actually. I don't plan on making anymore games about licensed characters, only original games from now on. I do plan on finishing Dracula's Castle after Around The Clock. It's just that that game has been in development hell.

I use Unreal Engine 4.

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I'm hoping to release Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom in Fall this year. As for your second question, SUNKY is the sister of those two UNKYs, and I thought, "Why not complete the trilogy with a game called SUNKY". Lol.

Ah yeah, I have plans to make SUNKY a standalone game in the future. Hopefully sometime this year if I get the chance!

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I got all the sound effects from Squidward by watching and recording sound clips from various episodes. Also got some help by a few friends to find certain clips I couldn't find. For the music, I just went on Youtube and searched up the official soundtrack for Spongebob and got some songs from there. Also glad you enjoyed the game! Hope my future projects won't disappoint. :)

Baldi was voice acted by Mystman himself. He allowed me to put his character in the game legally and agreed to voice act Baldi.

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The game natively runs at 1920x1080p, but if it detects a different resolution it usually auto adjusts itself. I don't know why it isn't for you. Unfortunately there are no resolution options in game, but I discovered a workaround you can use to play the game in windowed mode. Create a shortcut of the application, go to properties and type in target at the very end: -ResX=1366 -ResY=768 -WINDOWED

Hope this helps!

Classic mode you only face one monster and get an intro sequence. Hardcore mode spawns two monsters.

Unfortunately I can't port to Mac because I don't own a Mac. Unreal Engine 4 is like that for some reason. Sucks. :/

Unfortunately I cannot do that or else I'd be losing money from all my hard work. At least the game's dirt cheap, only a dollar and fifty cents, lmao.

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Select classic mode, then you will see a character select screen pop up. She's currently unavailable to play as in the other modes for now.

I have been thinking about a Steam release but I'll probably hold off on doing that and wait for when I decide to make the Ultimate Edition.

I don't have any plans at this time to port my games over to mobile, mainly because it's a tad bit frustrating and time consuming. For now I'm focusing on making my games Windows only since it's a lot easier to do, y'know.

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Lol, nah there aren't. But now I kind of wish I added some references to the show.

Really digging the concept. Could use some improvements here and there, like after winning or losing a fight, it would give you the option to go back to the lobby room or try again. The controls/selecting things could also use some improvements, and I noticed my mouse cursor stayed on the screen for some reason in the lobby room, not sure if that was just a problem on my end or the game. But overall, I'm really liking it so far! Looking forward to seeing how the game evolves.

Unfortunately my games don't support VR, however you can play the game with a VR but only looking at it like a virtual screen, but not being able to move your head around in game or anything. Might consider adding VR support in the future if I get the chance.

I use Unreal Engine 4.

Huh, that's weird. I looked it up on the UE4 forums and some users say this can be caused by the user not having DirectX installed correctly.

Unfortunately I don't know the exact specs. However, from watching others play, I've determined that you need a medium to high end PC to run the game at a good framerate on medium or high graphics settings. But the game plays alright on a low end PC on the lowest graphics settings. Guess you can give it a shot on lowest and see how it goes.

I really wish I could, but unfortunately I can't port to Mac since I don't own a Mac. That's how UE4 works for some reason.

I don't think I'll be adding anymore new monsters. But when I do make another content update in the future, I will probably just add in new mechanics or modes. Adding a new monster in a future content update is possible but not something I want to do again, since it was a brutal experience adding in those three new monsters in the last update.

Unreal Engine 4

Yeah, I've chatted with him recently. He's doing good, just been wanting to stay away from social media n stuff. That's why he's removed his Twitter account recently. He has thought about YT recently but he said it's just been more stressful than fun to do, so he's kind of just staying away from it. So I guess for now he's just gonna be going on with his everyday life and taking a break from social media in general.

Yeah same. And I can't add any licensed characters into the game since it's a paid game. Otherwise I'll get in trouble, y'know.

Lol, I do actually have plans to add a similar mode like that in a future content update. Dunno if I'll be doing it but we'll have to see I suppose, haha.