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Looking for a team [Art, Music, or Programming]

A topic by Brawl Studios created May 19, 2018 Views: 248 Replies: 9
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Hello everybody, at MoredGenis Games we are looking for some developers, some artists , and some music composers.

Requirements for all:

- Must have been on for more than 30 days

- Must have a Discord, email, or Google Hangouts account for chatting

Requirements for Artist:

- Must know how to make vector sprites

Requirements for Developer:

- Must have at least one game published on

- Must be know or able to learn how to code in SCRATCH (A drag and drop language, used to make a lot of MoredGenis Games)

- Must have an account for Scratch that has a confirmed email and must follow @DevilMintyYT

Requirements for Music Composer:

- Must link to Music you have composed


Discord is not loading for me, please Google Hangouts instead, email is

Heya, what kind of music are you looking for? :)

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Something like Ludum-Dare-41 kind of music.


A little bit dark and gritty then? 

Well I'd be keen to hear more about your game!

Yep, Dark and gritty! I am not going to announce the game yet but I can PM it to you on Discord or Google Hangouts!


Great, what's your discord? :)

): Discord won't load for me, read the edit I put as it has my Google Hangouts user.


If you're still looking around for music, here's a track by me that's a little similar to the one you posted.

My Discord is Daniel D#2181 .

Wow! All the replies are music, guess a lot of composers look at!

Good song! I like it.