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Livecoding for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2 · By YellowAfterlife

[Fixed] Room reloading w/ large tile maps

A topic by ShaunJS created Aug 10, 2022 Views: 310 Replies: 4
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Hello YAL! I've struggled previously a little with room reloading in PokeyPoke which has quite large hub-worlds and big tilemaps, recently after grabbing the latest version I'm seeing what I guess is perhaps some timeout issues? 

My speculation here is that my rooms have just gotten too large as 36000ms seems a long time to update the file. I don't actually know for sure if getting a newer version has affected this as its been a few weeks since I've worked on room editing in this way. Usually however Room reloading *works* but takes quite a while to update. Perhaps I'm having some port based issue instead?

It might just be that it's not practical to lean on GMLive as a level editing tool for such large areas, but wanted to ask your opinion.

PS. Other tangential issue is that I noticed previously tile map edits do not appear to be detected as a change until something else in the room is changed like an instance position. I usually have to wobble an instance about to trigger the update. Dunno if known about etc just thought I'd mention!

PS.PS. Thanks again so much for an awesome tool. 


Can you try this GMLive-server? It’s C# instead of regular Neko VM

If that doesn’t do it, I can probably write a custom JSON decoder for rooms so that it doesn’t have to actually build a massive dynamic object.

On the plus it reacts much faster to a tilemap change, but throws this at me at the moment. Unsure if this might have something to do with "named" instances existing in my room? I'm aware of the general limitations with that but it didn't usually prevent the room reloading so idk.


If you can add me on Discord, I can send you a handful more gmlive-server versions to narrow this down


This has been improved over the last two releases:

  • gmlive-server now compresses the tilemaps, which allows to avoid both sending potential megabytes worth of tiles and to avoid creating a massive ds_list on the game’s side when an update is received.
  • The C#/.NET version of gmlive-server is now included by default and has been fixed up a little.