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Yes, just please avoid using the artwork if you can.

All the image assets are provided in a zip file in the video description of each video =)

...This is the button you need, I'm fairly sure the mac IDE should be able to import a .yyz just fine.

I don't really know how to help you. All you've told me is "it doesn't work".

Hiya, I've added this for the latest episode.

When all episodes of the tutorial series are released, the source code will add up to that yes.

Ah yeah that's just debug, won't be a thing in the tutorials =)

Interesting, thanks!


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I do not have a mac. I therefore can't make a mac version of the demo. Can they not use .yyz files?

The source code will be added episode by episode as they release. You won't have to pay again, but it's not out yet.

Noted! Thank you!

sure just call it in the draw gui event.

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This sounds like a GameMaker cache issue. If importing a big sprite has caused your texture pages to be rearranged it might simply have confused GM's internal knowledge about where a sprite is kept on what sheet. The shader doesn't do *any* calculations as such when it comes to a sprites location or position. It just uses the built in GM functions for finding these things.

Try running the 'clean' option on your project, reloading the IDE, etc. As you discovered, simply adding another sprite was one potential fix.

I'm not discounting the possibility of it being an issue on my code's end but given that it doesn't manually interact with any texture sheet positioning I'm finding it hard to identify what an issue on my end could be.

PS. Apologies for such a late response, I only just caught your comment on one of my videos.

It's been a while now and I can't remember the exact reason, but I believe it was to do with the effect not looking great in areas with mixed alpha. Glad it's working for you anyway!

Just added this now!

You know for some reason I thought it wouldn't work but I can't see why not? Will look into it asap.

Unfortunately I struggled to cast spells properly in this one until I dug through the code to find they were in fact tied to the left and right arrow keys?

I always like the use of menus that are built into the game environment, walking left for exit and right for starting etc.

Good job, hope you learned lots! =)

Simple and fun platformer. Be careful with your procedural generation as it seems to like placing all of the wizards in a big clump quite often! Allows for rapid playthroughs but wastes a lot of arena space. If you take this further I'd maybe play with your character's physics a bit as his jumping and gravity are both very strong right now!

Good job =)

A nice deadbolt-a-like. There's an interesting tension you build by having a long cool down between shots, though I think a lot of the game currently comes down to shielding yourself with doors! =)

Well done!

There was a bug when I ran this initially of I believe the player falling through the ground? I was able to fix it though!

Cool little entry, sort of a platforming tetris... sort of!

The combo system was a neat little touch, although having it affect your magic radius means eventually you can reach a point where repeatedly hitting the left mouse button allowed you to combo into any new block that appeared on screen while descending as slowly as possible!

Lots of potential in this one, neatly presented and with fitting music!

An interesting one. I like the idea of the one large "journey" the player undertakes rather than a sequence of levels. I unfortunately failed, only bringing 3 followers to the very end. I feel like I was often waiting for followers to catch up with me, although their frantic behaviour when meeting an enemy was cool.

It would perhaps help if there was a way to predict the spawners more readily, as enemies can very suddenly spawn on top of you before you are able to react.

Cool submission, good job!

This is an interesting concept! I really like the overall idea here, I think with the level design going forwards I would try and restrict the player's available space more so they're forced to deal with the guards and there isn't too much wasted space.

A great little idea would be cool to see this one developed further!

Very solid. The effect when hitting multiple orbs in sequence works really well. I didn't manage to finish the whole thing but you did a good job of mixing up each level and enticing progression just with silly simple dialogue unique to each level.

Interesting submission! I can tell you spent quite a bit of time trying to learn shaders for this one, so good effort! Hopefully the things you learned will be useful to you in the future. =)

I'm not sure if the code you submitted is up to date as it produced many different code errors when I tried to run it on the Windows target. If it is, be careful when only testing in HTML5 as some errors will occur "silently" and while the game will continue, this can lead to many other problems later!

Well done =)

Neat twist on the typing game! I think perhaps you should be careful using words from fiction, even if they fit the theming of the game world well. Not everyone knows all of these different words or their "correct" spelling!

Most of the time though it's a fun race to the key, splitting the keyboard in half is a risky but interesting move, I think it works here because each player really only gets to press one key at a time, so you don't run into any ghosting issues.

Good job overall!

This was cool, played it through to the end! Was stuck for a long time against the wizard in the bottom left but the regen spell let me overcome the pesky mirror spell.

Some potential here for sure, I would perhaps adjust the speed at which players can move between the menu of spells and then take stock of which spells are providing the most interesting relationships and see how you could create more situations like that.

Good job!

Had to explore quite a bit of the keyboard before finding the S key for this one! Didn't take long to work out after that. A good little foundation here, you should continue to play with the mechanic and create more levels, what could you perhaps do beyond building stair ways with this mechanic? Maybe plug holes or carry things? See what you can do. Good job!

Some cool ideas here, and a coherent effective art style + atmosphere. Learning how to set up your first runes and towers and work out what they do or how effective they are takes a long time though, and this sort of "lots to learn" is a problem of many tower defense games already!

Perhaps some single rune attack towers that start the player off, and reserve the more complex arrangements for more and more powerful structures would give the player more time to learn the systems.

Good job!

Cool game! Was initially confused that words appeared over the heads of both wizards and wondered if this was intended to be some sort of two player game or if i was trying to prevent _both_ wizards from falling somehow. Was clear after I went back and read the game page =)

Simple and effective! made it to something like level 9 I believe. Then my hands started to hurt!

Some good artwork here and the general feel is good, but I couldn't work out what the towers actually did. So as far as I could tell it was a race to form 3 sets of 3 elemental circles. But the "skull" circles needed 4?

Unsure! Either way, good job on submitting =)

The art and atmosphere here is really well done. I think it might be good to further refine the feel of controlling the cat, especially when much of the game is about tricky jumps!

Interesting game, the feel when colliding with an asteroid is very well done. I like the visibility twist here as well. I would suggest looking into making the game scale up its difficulty in some way as you progress further.

Nice job!

This was pretty well presented. Gets chaotic quickly, although the recharge mechanic feels like a break in the action and makes the player want to stay fairly central despite having a fairly large arena to play with. Perhaps power could be a form of collectable the player must seek out around the arena to force them to move around more? The art is good, from here I'd try to improve on the mechanical balance and "feel" of the weapons and attacks. The menu + splash and meta considerations are all really well presented. Solid!

Good job!

Standard top class stuff. Interesting difference in the environment structure compared with classic "Worms" games. Physics of the witches themselves sometimes behaved a little unexpectedly, Lots of cool effects used thoughtfully and cleanly. Great work with the time given.

Cool love letter to Megaman! even down to providing the single screen transitions before a boss encounter. You seem very capable when it comes to implementing your mechanics and boss fights, would now probably look at tuning level design, game feel and general polish moving forwards. =)

Good job!

Super well presented! Wish there were jump buffers but that might just be my lazy aging hands & reflexes talking =)

You're allowed to submit your entry from Ludum Dare! As long as it's made in GMS2 no reason you can't enter both =)

Yeah, I can see how that's a tough thing to navigate without having them explicitly tick a box somewhere. Perhaps not thought that one through.

But without revealing any personal details just being able to grab the time, product and amount (for pwyw titles) would be ace.