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Metroid (Metroid Plus Compatible!) Ver. 1.0.2 + 1.2.0

A topic by ThePurple created May 08, 2018 Views: 2,718 Replies: 23
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Hello, and welcome to my first 3dn file upload! This is the 3dn-ified version of Metroid, which is also compatible with the mod Metroid Plus! 

(Video consists of Version 1.3.0 ~ G, video and version by Geod.)

(Screenshots consist of the 1.0.0 version)

- Download 1.0.2 -

- Download 1.2.0 -

- Download 1.3.0 ~ G -



1.3.0 ~ G


1.0.0 - Released

1.0.1 - Fixes some parts of Brinstar's floor only having one layer. 

1.0.2  - Fixes column with Morph Ball being blocked by new textures, increased pipe block size from 7 to 12.


1.2.0 - Released - Doubles the size of most standard blocks, adding some more depth. 


1.3.0 ~ G - Released by Geod - Configures graphics to the Vector variety, and further increases some sizes of blocks. (Making them pop out more for VR users.) Switches some blocks to the 'cube' typing, showing all layers on multiple sides. 

(Metroid Plus by Snarfblam included in the file, but it is not necessary to use the 3dn file! For a more classic Metroid experience, just use it without Plus!)

Metroid Plus includes:

  • A Map System
  • Save Slots
  •  Ice and Wave Beam Combination

(However, this overrides the password system!) 

The models in this use the texture editor to create clones, which are edited with different values, and stacked on top of each other, giving all the models more depth, while also looking less glitchy overall! (However, this means it takes longer to make.) 


Let me know what you think of it, along with any possible issues, and things I might have missed! If changes are needed, I will update the file.

Wonderful interpretation with incredible detail 3D models! It's obvious that you have put a lot of effort into this work. Thank you and congratulation !

I will record a gameplay video as soon as possible to present it to the community.

I  just wonder if we should double the ground depth to get more feeling of  depth???

Thank you! I am pretty happy with how this turned out! 

Nice to hear that you are working on a gameplay video for it, I’m looking forward to it! 

As for the ground depth, doubling it would be quite nice, but it is not without its problems... Metroid seems to share a lot of block assets, so when ai double the size of a block, it can effect blocks everywhere, not just those along the ground. They also don’t adjust similar blocks around them, such as the slope and ground sections, so then you have to adjust them as well, creating a sort of domino effect. So while it would be possible, it would certainly take a bit of time. Still might attempt to do it later though.

Yeah it will also affect objects on air. Something like that:

This profile is rough but it scale very hard the depth to get the 3d feel. I don't know if it would negatively affect the game play or not.

Yeah, I could see if I could attempt that, I will let you know the results! I feel like the hardest parts for this sort of thing would be locations mixing a lot of different sprite layers, like Crateria, so I will have to see how it goes! 


There we go! I added an additional 1.2.0 link, which doubles the size of most blocks, and makes them stand out a bit more. This should add a bit more depth!

Excellent! Can't wait to test it.

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Wow! This is epic! I love all the details you got in there. My guess is that you used a lot of cloning and texture editing for that. I can't wait to check it out when I get a chance.

Thanks, I am rather happy how it turned out!

And yeah, that pretty much sums up how I did this, just a whole lot of cloning, and texture editing! Thankfully, I was just able to change everything just by playing through like you normally would! (With the exception of waiting for the different endings, of course!)

I'm a complete noob for this game so it's impossible for me to walk through the game. Could you share some save states to showcase the profile in the best way possible?

Oh sure! I will get right on that. I will comb around for some good locations, and possibly make some new saves if need be!

Thank you.

Alright, here are nine save states I made, most of which are at completely different locations. Some of them are boss fights as well, although they connect to other rooms with potentially different tile set too, so here you go! -Save States-

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My God, i have just tested the profile. Now i understand why you ask for color replace feature in tex editor: you keep the huge but repetitive texture that auto created by software. That's unfortunately a massive unnecessary work.  All you have to do is recreate the pattern with a few distinctive tiles (normally the texture will be 2x2 tiles only). 

How to achieve it? 

- In Texture Editor tab switch Mode from Shape to Tile

- Select or Shift Select the tiles you need (normally tiles that forms a square) then press Create

- Done.  If the same pattern with huge texture already existed, it will be deleted and replaced with a new one with a tiny, compact texture.

- And you should edit the texture or clone pattern from there

Hmm, I see what you mean, and while this would fix some of my workload, it would not fix all of it... On the title screen surface layer, that would have helped out greatly, as they simply repeat now and again, but those are only with standard tiles and larger background pieces which repeat. There are some objects that are simply just too big, and don't repeat enough to warrant an entire tile reconfiguration. Take Kraid, for instance. He has quite the complicated model, but his parts never repeat themselves in the game after that point, so the tile solution would just cause more work for me in the first place. Really, a replace tool would kill both of these issues at once, by allowing just two clicks to get rid of an entire sprite layer/color.

Completely agreed! There we have two different issues, both needs to be improved :) 

That took me one day to edit the profile : make it Retina Mode compatible, optimize patterns, textures and refine here and there.

And it took another half day to record and make the video. Here is the result, i'm just speechless.

Here is the new version:

You can grab it, repack and tag it v1.3.0 if you want.

Thank you again!

Wow, nice! That turned out amazingly! I will have to check out and post the profile on the main entry, along with the video, if you don't mind! I can see a lot of cool additions that you made to this thing! I have a lot to learn with the pro version of the software... How did you change the background, for instance? 

But yeah, I will certainly edit it, and add these things on here... Would you like me to just use your link for the download?

I don't mind at all. The link is just temporary. You should reupload it. But i think you should have a link with only the 3dn to not confuse the novice users.

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Ah i missed your question. The skybox background is in my development build, it doesn't exist in the release build yet :). By the way how long does it take to make the profile and more precise the time to make the walk through and the time to edit?

People are asking and i want to give a answer as precise as possible.

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Ah, that explains why I couldn’t find a setting for it! 

And how long did it take to build, and walk through the build...? Well, I wasn’t really keeping track, but if I had to guess, anywhere from 18-36 hours. (Big gap I know, but I don’t remember a good approximation. It certainly took me a couple of days to complete it. 

This is the new gold standard! It's a great "advertisement" for how awesome this program is, kudos!

Wow, that's quite the compliment! I'm not sure if it holds up to such high esteem, but that is definitely nice to hear! I'm looking forward to seeing how I could utilize these techniques in other games... Thanks again!