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Bronze Boar

A topic by TrinexxSlayer created 17 days ago Views: 192 Replies: 8
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So, back when build 0.5 was released, i recall being able to somehow get a Bronze Boar rank on my first runs. Now i see people posting Platinum Wolf as if it is the max rank possible, and yet, i haven't been able to reproduce my previous rank on subsequent runs. As such i've been left wondering if i really did get a Bronze Boar, or if it was removed, or if it was a bug. What are the current max ranks for each background in build 0.6?

Sorry if I did not explain correctly, I posted on the Rank Platinum Wolf, which was the largest I managed, in my second game, where I struggled to try to do everything right with Asterion, I wish to achieve as much as possible, if I am not mistaken, Platinum Taurus, in the future ...

About my thoughts on bronze rank, I think it has to do with the largest amount of content currently available, higher than version 0.5, I imagine it is natural to increase ranking in view of this, I imagine that only at the end of the game will the Ranking System be complete. Another thing, I believe that if you are very hard wif Asterion, you may end up getting a low Ranking, since this Ranking is only about our relationship with him, right?

I apologize if I caused some confusion, I'm using translator, I can not write well in English

no, it wasn't you. many others on the forum seem to think that the platinum wolf is the current max rank, but i recall getting a bronze boar, which should be higher. problem is, i can't replicate it to prove it, so i've confused myself with it. i'm mostly hoping for one of the devs to clarify what might have happened, or at the very least confirm if it wasn't a thing to begin with.

Oh, I understand now, really curious

*SPOILERS*   After playing the game repetitively for background differences and achievements, I'm pretty convinced the result bar is kinda random except for a few instances. It's important to remember its about relationship progression, as in, how much you find out? Instead of how well you treat Asterion?

This is mostly speculation as I've observed that some of the "nicer" responses don't yield a better score, say for rubbing the wine in for him. I believe events like revealing Jean as Hermes  or revealing Argos as Dominikos as those things would reveal more about Asterion than having 2 different small dialogues. I don't think continuing Asterion's project increases the result bar. My first playthrough gave me Bronze Dragon, which was overall disappointing until I realized it was more about revealing the story. The highest I've ever gotten was Gold Wolf. 

Overall, the result bar is very misleading and should be taken out of the game to avoid discouraging players going through their first playthroughs, but I understand its importance for the Devs at the survey polls. Although, I think it's fair to assume most players won't discover Hermes, and ~40% would reveal Dominikos since translating the pages is relatively easy (10 Contract). Even though I did not do it because I thought it would be useless impact on the story like the tablets. 

i know from the official walkthrough, the logic that not rubbing wine is the nicer decision, is that you would be being overbearing. like, you just met the guy, give him some space. but that's not the matter to the topic, the devs already expressed they don't want the rank system as a metric for how well you are doing in the game. my concern is that i'm not sure if i'm misremembering my previous rank, if it got removed during some of the newer updates, or if i'm just failing to get it again.

I don't think it exists in the current state of the game, as the animal part of the rankings are along the bottom of the bar. 

From left to right: Bull, Serpent, Peacock, Gryphon, Dragon, Wolf.

I think you just need to stand down on any one of the early caring choices.  I rub the wine and it's fine.
The bath is where I stand down.

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well, yes. i did that, but i'm not as much looking for a guide on how to do it. i just wanted to know if bronze boar was a real rank in the first place.