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Tag and/or rating system

A topic by faelivrin created Apr 26, 2016 Views: 357 Replies: 3
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As user i would like a creator or even partially user ran (like steam) tag system that would affect search. This could also be used as a rating system. Everyday i see new content with sensitive material, i think there is a growing need of some way filter it. This could be a way to achieve it and the search function would benefit of it.

While I like the idea of diversifying tags on games, thus improving the search system, the Steam user-tag system is widely abused and often inaccurate. Since they display any user tag once it hits a certain number of submissions, users can basically graffiti the Steam page with tags that don't apply, to the detriment of future users and the devs.

Perhaps users can submit tags, and once they're submitted a minimum of times, the dev gets a notification and can approve them if they apply?

Only downside I see is that the avenue for systematic abuse through that system still exists, even if only the developer can see it (sometimes, especially if only the developer can see it)


They wouldn't get the instant satisfaction, if it isn't publicly visible right away. Maybe that would be all that's needed.