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I think it is because itch program is not able to download from mega for some reason.

Cannot download it with the desktop application

Been following the game before it got into, it is great ^^ It doesn't work in the desktop client tho!

Yes, and it is working in the client now :)

The game isnt downloading on itch client :(

Thanks for the clarification

What will be their final size? i hope you go full realism like starcitizen if you framework allows such scales!

It looks really proomising :3

No it didn't :(

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Using win 10 here, thanks for your support

Helooo, thanks game looks very nice, i am having an issue tho:

I forgot to mention, i am using itch desktop client. Looks like when i launch the game from the client it starts the setup file instead of the .exe. If i manually double click the .exe the game starts with no problem.

When i try to launch the game, a prerequisite of .NET pops out but it's installation aborts at some point without warning.

I tried to install it manually from here but it gives a warning about having the same version or higher already installed.

I also tried unnistalling the existing version but no changes.

Nice! thank you so much. However i was most interested in trying the android version, did it got cancelled?

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Greetings! This game looks cool, cannot wait to try. Would be possible to separate the downloads? This blowing up my data 😦

As user i would like a creator or even partially user ran (like steam) tag system that would affect search. This could also be used as a rating system. Everyday i see new content with sensitive material, i think there is a growing need of some way filter it. This could be a way to achieve it and the search function would benefit of it.

Yes i tried i forgot to mention. Using the installer works fine.

I am trying to install the free version of the game using the icht desktop client and the game seems to download normally, problem is when i execute. Here is the error log:

I tried upgrading the client to 0.14.0 and i still have the problem. I would paste the error log of the most recent version, but the client button disappeared and i am not sure where to get it.

Greetings! nice game here :)

Since i don't know a better place to report it i will use this. I tried installing the game through the itch client but it doesn't work. I think the problem is that it doesn't get to install at all.

Greetings! awaiting this game egerly. Good job devs o/