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Paradise is an interactive fiction playground. · By Rekka & Devine

making something plural?

A topic by slimefriend created May 01, 2018 Views: 154 Replies: 3
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hi! this seems so, so unbelievably cool.  

is there a way to make an object plural? or do i just have to make multiple? i want to make some books to fill the library, but it treats the object as singular (You see a books). 


Mhmm, there is no way to do this a the moment besides collecting the books into a parent vessel like a bookcase

One thing that could be fun is to have a wildcard that displays the vessels in the note. Something like `note you see the following books: @children`. And so it could get replaced by a nicely formatted, clickable list of children vessels! What do you think?

my idea was just to treat books as more of a general group, not individual books -- but this sounds cool too :P


Well, okay, how about this instead.

I could `group` vessels with a similar name as one. So, `you see a blue book and a red book` could be combined as `you see books.` And you could interact with them as a group with `take the books`.