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Chick N Die (Multiplayer Coming Soon)!

A topic by amunim created Apr 28, 2018 Views: 166 Replies: 3
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The game features an endless runner (the chicken) and a card chooser (the killer) play as whoever you want and choose your goal.The game is originally on ludam dare link :-

itch link :-

my itch link(main programmer of the game) :-

Game Identity / Mantra:

Two player game in which one player has a role of runner and second is a killer. Runner has run as long as possible to score points. Killer’s objective is to kill runner. After runner dies players change places for second round (runner becomes killer and killer becomes a runner). After second place player with the best score wins.

Design Pillars:

Fast paced. Endless Runner. Card game.


Looks interesting. You might want to consider adding more screenshots to the game's page. Thanks

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Thanks, working on it will reply Done when Done.

Done, screenshots added

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