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The game bugs are now fixed and some more popup feedback added for reliable game play and a web gl version added

Official release anouncment

Done, screenshots added

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Thanks, working on it will reply Done when Done.

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The game features an endless runner (the chicken) and a card chooser (the killer) play as whoever you want and choose your goal.The game is originally on ludam dare link :-

itch link :-

my itch link(main programmer of the game) :-

Game Identity / Mantra:

Two player game in which one player has a role of runner and second is a killer. Runner has run as long as possible to score points. Killer’s objective is to kill runner. After runner dies players change places for second round (runner becomes killer and killer becomes a runner). After second place player with the best score wins.

Design Pillars:

Fast paced. Endless Runner. Card game.

Your Welcome

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Game Link:

(Note) It is also released to the Google Play Store.

Some Game Screen Shots:

About The Game:

Well, the game is pretty much about driving your car straight on the platform and trying to get the Enemy to fall. The game features:

FaceBook and without E-MAIL Login,



Cloud based inventory system.

Upon winning, you get equally from 100 to 250 coins to but cars and the good news is maps are all unlocked so, play from where ever you like. The Login and register system was needed for cloud based inventory and to protect against some simple cheats. Enemy AI does not featur Easy,Medium or Hard. The difficulty of the AI is medium. It is not amazingly easy or very hardcore just play dumb and you'll WIN.

Other Notes:

Please Be sure to download the game from the Google Play Store because it is my first game on the Play Store and I had to spoil my birthday for it, I mean I asked the developer account as my Birthday Gift(Really).

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Simple art but WOW! is it amazing, I mean like ...

I am not good at art

I made the game for n3k weekly challenge but I decided to make the game furthur and upload it to play store.I want your suggestions on what I can add and bugs to fix.Thanks for checking out the Game.It is an endless runner game so the score increments and zombie is chasing the Santa .There are cursed crates which are in the Santa's way and he have to dodge them to survive.Game link. You can event guide me about the type of Menu or even how to improve my music. Even little suggestions are appreciated.

The game is free and will be free but you can donate  so, I can afford play store developer account. LOL

Some ScreenShots