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Dashing Rocket Devlog #4 (FREE DEMO)

A topic by FutureInspireGames created 32 days ago Views: 133 Replies: 4
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Thank you all for waiting for the demo release of Dashing Rocket. This is the first time I've ever done a demo for my game, and I'm excited to see what happens. 

A few updates since yesterday:

- Fixed Fast Enemy Bug

- Added Initial SFX (not everything has SFX yet)

Play my demo to help me out and get entry into our competition. I will give social media shout outs to the highest scorers in the next massive devlog following the end of the competition. The competition will last at least two weeks (while I'm gone). Just send a comment with a screenshot of your new high score in order to enter.

You guys help me out a lot by playing my game and giving me feedback. And while you're at it, you guys can have a chance to promote your social media accounts on my channel. This is GREAT for fellow game developers who are looking to get some inspiration from my game, apply it to their own, and share it with the world. 

As we didn't get too much time to polish the game, we are aware of how hard the game is at its current stage. That's why I've been making some blogs, pointing out tips and tricks here and there. Keep in mind that in the future, our game will have more enemies, and players should be able to survive the first couple of minutes.

I want to know what you guys think of our game. Is it worth continuing and adding more features to this game? If so, then we could be working on this games for months to come. Or is it better to just quickly add polish and finish the game? If we take the second route, then we'll just try to finish the game as soon as possible and move on. For me, this is a project I love as a developer because I am able to put all my programming skills on the table. 

To be able to make a game, release it, and have an audience that is waiting for the next update of new features will be a dream come true.  So let me know how much potential you see this game have. We've got a lot of things we can add to this game: more enemies, more equipments, more upgrades, new systems to add more stages within one survival run. This is just the beginning...



I came back from my trip and took a week off after that...Now it's back to work on this game 😎

I thought I can get people to play my demo while I was away, but there was an error: because I wasn't constantly pushing blogs, I wasn't showing my demo to the large audience that I usually get here on itch.

So for these next couple of weeks, we're going to see how many people join the demo competition when I am actively developing updates for this game. A lot of the systems are up, and other systems that I can implement are things that can be added if the game is getting traction. Pretty much the only thing left besides polish is the leaderboard system. 

It seems like this short project will be coming to a close in the next month or so...



We have updated our demo to be a little more easier...

We realized how impossible the game was, so much that your average time could be less than 30 seconds. This week is a week for me to get back into developing Dashing Rocket, so I try to make my programming as chill as possible.

Today's updates:

- Enemy Level Framework

- Death Particle Color Update

- Score Calculation Rework

To make our game easier, I programmed a way for us to specify when a certain enemy is allowed to be randomly spawned. Instead of having the fast enemies spawn at the beginning, we will spawn it after the player reaches level four. We have two arrays shown in the inspector to define our enemies and when they are allowed to be spawned, and we have a List in the class that contains the actual pickable enemies at the current moment in time.

You might have noticed before that when any enemy died, they always spawned red particles. Now enemies will spawn death particles the correlate with their color; in other words, normal enemies will have red death particles and fast enemies will have yellow death particles.

WE CHANGED HOW THE SCORE WILL BE CALCULATED - We will no longer have any max health penalty (for now at least); we removed the 10k bonus and now only kills and time count in the calculation. 

There's still a lot of things we have to do to make the game more balanced. At this point in time, we need to focus on buffing the player. So far, the maximum I can survive is a little over a minute. I am currently thinking of adding some kind of "combo system" in order to boost exp gains, so that the player can upgrade more in a shorter amount of time. I am also thinking of a way to make the building system more useful in the game because so far, it is probably the most useless upgrade to get...

School is around the corner and I have some summer homework to do. Keep an eye out for more small updates. We will keep all these small stuff on this devlog #4. When I am ready to start pushing for the final workout, I'll be posting a devlog #5 maybe in a week or two. 

Thank you all for the support you guys give buy just checking out these blogs!



Today was simply just opening up Unity and creating the initial files and folders for the combo system. I usually have a day to think over how the system will really work; it gives me time to think about how I want to inherit from the base combo class. Devlog #5 will start with a full dive into the system once it is complete, so stay tuned!


On another note, I will be taking the mac demo out for now because it seems like the builds aren't working. In other words, the demo will only be available for WINDOWS and LINUX now. Go check it out and see the competition!