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Heroes of Adventure

Index of Heroes of Adventure releases and community forum · By Nameless Designer

Class descriptions

A topic by turturin created Jul 05, 2022 Views: 115 Replies: 4
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I'm creating a few characters and having a great time with this game. I found something which might be errata, or at least a suggestion for more clarity.

In all the classes, the Talents granted by the class are under the Skills bullet point. However, not all of them are Skills, some classes grant Traits or Knowledges.

The same issue can be found in the Career descriptions. I guess "Skill" should be replaced by "Talent".

Developer (1 edit)

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. You've probably spotted a few typos as I had alternated between the term 'skill' and 'talent'. 

'Skills' covers your capabilities in different areas (where you get a skill die rating i.e. d4, d6 etc) and these are sub-divided into Traits, Physical & Knowledge  (essentially I got rid of the word 'Talent').

I thought I had updated these but obviously not. If you have a note of the specific pages/errors I can mark these up for editing at the next revision/version.

Thanks for showing an interest in my game system.

PS - As a feedback question. Anything you liked/disliked in particular about the character creation process (apart from any typos?).

Ah! It seems several "talents" have survived the purge. In my case I was confused by one on the character sheet. Apart from the character sheet, I found the following:

  • pg. 10: in both sample characters
  • pg.21: "you add your talent die"
  • pg.22: "starting talents", "strength talent"
  • pg.23: at the Level Benefits Table
  • pg.26: at the Wildfolk Upbringing
  • pg.27: at the Wildling Upbringing
  • pg.34: at the Rogue Attributes
  • pg.35 at the Warrior Attributes

I also found the sample character Caldor (pg. 60) has Magic and Religion both at d6, which I think is not possible for a new character.

The character creation process is smooth and easy to follow. I specially like how the players link their background and the setting. I will create a few more characters, translate the character sheet to Spanish and give it a try with my nephews. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for sharing this game!


Appreciate the details, it shows the value of an independent person reading your work!

I will mark these up for revision on the next version. Currently focussed on finishing off the Referees Guide first though.

Once again, thanks for the feedback. Enjoy the game.


A quick update to say, I've made those edits as they were quite quick to tidy up and uploaded a new version of the PlayersHandbook.