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Ah! It seems several "talents" have survived the purge. In my case I was confused by one on the character sheet. Apart from the character sheet, I found the following:

  • pg. 10: in both sample characters
  • pg.21: "you add your talent die"
  • pg.22: "starting talents", "strength talent"
  • pg.23: at the Level Benefits Table
  • pg.26: at the Wildfolk Upbringing
  • pg.27: at the Wildling Upbringing
  • pg.34: at the Rogue Attributes
  • pg.35 at the Warrior Attributes

I also found the sample character Caldor (pg. 60) has Magic and Religion both at d6, which I think is not possible for a new character.

The character creation process is smooth and easy to follow. I specially like how the players link their background and the setting. I will create a few more characters, translate the character sheet to Spanish and give it a try with my nephews. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for sharing this game!