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Of course! Feel free to use it as you wish, the hardest work is yours!

Hi. I translated the Google Doc to Spanish:

A few million of extra people who can enjoy this great game!

Thank you! Somehow I couln't find it.

If this zine includes two "alternative" characters archetypes, where are the standard ones? I cannot find them in DURF.

Ah! It seems several "talents" have survived the purge. In my case I was confused by one on the character sheet. Apart from the character sheet, I found the following:

  • pg. 10: in both sample characters
  • pg.21: "you add your talent die"
  • pg.22: "starting talents", "strength talent"
  • pg.23: at the Level Benefits Table
  • pg.26: at the Wildfolk Upbringing
  • pg.27: at the Wildling Upbringing
  • pg.34: at the Rogue Attributes
  • pg.35 at the Warrior Attributes

I also found the sample character Caldor (pg. 60) has Magic and Religion both at d6, which I think is not possible for a new character.

The character creation process is smooth and easy to follow. I specially like how the players link their background and the setting. I will create a few more characters, translate the character sheet to Spanish and give it a try with my nephews. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for sharing this game!

I'm creating a few characters and having a great time with this game. I found something which might be errata, or at least a suggestion for more clarity.

In all the classes, the Talents granted by the class are under the Skills bullet point. However, not all of them are Skills, some classes grant Traits or Knowledges.

The same issue can be found in the Career descriptions. I guess "Skill" should be replaced by "Talent".

¡Muchas gracias! Las ilustraciones son perfectas y es muy fácil de imprimir.

Mawbreakers community · Created a new topic Resist roll

Some weapons and some powers require a resist roll. For the powers I assume it is Lvl+Def vs Weird+Paranormal as it describes in the section Blood Points. What about the weapons?