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Hey everyone, I am amazed that we have over 40 people signed up to the game jam which was way more than expected. Thank you to everyone for participating in this game jam.

With less than 2 weeks until the start of the game jam I am assuming people now have an idea of what they are going to create and some may have already started work on their projects.

Would anyone care to share what they have planned? 

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Hey @Dropbeartots, thanks for the prompt. No problem, it's a 5 minute job to create and upload these for people who may want to self print via Lulu (or other places).

I have uploaded both cover images under their respective project pages.

Hey everyone, a couple of quick updates.

  • Dusky Dragon Inn has been updated to v1.01 to align attributes, skills and abilities with the revised version of the Players Handbook.
  • Lair of the Mutant adventure has been updated to v2.01 to include new colour artwork

I'm not looking to update these (unless necessary) going forward as I would prefer to start focussing on new content.

Someone has kindly set up a dedicated Heroes of Adventure subreddit which you can find at the following link

No worries, enjoy.

Hey Purple Robed Wizard, thanks for the feedback. 

I have now updated the templates to remove the background image (it wasn't meant to be included); added a grey box with an "add image here" note and added a text note confirming the fonts used so people can find these more easily.

Hopefully, these templates are now a little cleaner and easier to use. Appreciate you taking the time to post the feedback, thanks.

Hey Purple Robed Wizard, thanks for sharing the details. It sounds very exciting, look forward to seeing the final detail when it's ready.

I was thinking it would be pretty cool if we had a few submissions fleshing out different regions of the map which all together could form a bit of a sandbox campaign.

Good luck with the project!

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Yes that's easy enough. I have added an A4 landscape version you can download from the Players Handbook page here

Hey Sawesawe, thanks for the questions (which also acts as a bit of feedback for me to see where things could be explained more clearly). 

Trait skills are my take on the equivalent of classic D&D attributes (Agility = Dexterity, Command = Charisma, Fortitude = Constitution,  Strength = Strength (obviously) although I have used Magic, Senses and Will aswell. Command is probably most used when interacting with NPCs or intelligent monsters or for recruiting followers.

The only restriction on weapons/armour is that if someone is wearing heavy armour (i.e. chain or plate) then athletics, agility (i.e. sneaking) and magic using checks are at disadvantage due to the bulk/weight of the armour. One of my design goals was to get rid of some of the classic limitations (i.e. a wizard can't wield a sword or use armour). In HoA a Mage could wear leather armour without penalty but if they wanted to wear heavy armour then they may be less effective at using magic. Essentially I am trying to give the players some choice and some benefits/constraints rather than saying "no you can't do that".  If you want to play Gandalf wielding a longsword then go ahead.

Good spot on the weapon feature stun. The intention was to stun something on a critical (human sized creatures or below) hit and this was written before I made a tweak to the combat manoeuvre rules (see below - when you can now perform a manoeuvre automatically on a critical). I need to think about this but tempted to just change all weapons with the 'stun' condition to the 'bash' condition (i.e. if attack misses by 1 you do half damage). This creates a nice choice over use of bladed vs. impact weapons.

Combat manoeuvres were changed later in development as my players didn't really engage with them at first. Currently you can try a combat manoeuvre or one will automatically take place on a critical hit. I would absolutely encourage use of other skills (like strength or agility or even athletics instead of melee attack) if the player makes a case for it.

Example: If Thrudd the Barbarian wants to grapple Lurko the Thief to stop him getting away. I would allow him to use melee skill or strength skill vs an opposed strength (to push him off) or agility (to dodge/avoid) the grapple.

When learning new skills you can choose to learn any new skill or level up an existing one. Potentially if you focussed all your skill increases in one or two skills you could reach the max d12 by levels 4-5 and it plateaus at this point and thats fine as I wanted a lower powered game where people can max out their skills. Hopefully adventures will throw a variety of challenges at players as opposed to just combat such as tense negotiations, traps or puzzles so people maxing our melee or ranged combat is not an issue (and the fact that a base roll of d20 vs a maxed our roll of d20 + d12 means there's plenty of 'swing')

Hopefully, I've clarified your questions and this is all great feedback so thanks for taking the time to post. 

I hope you enjoy the game.

Thanks for spreading the word, the more the merrier!

Less than 30 days until the game jam is starting. Has anyone decided on their project and care to share some details or is it a secret and under wraps until its done?

Let us know what you have planned...

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The more the merrier with the game jam! I have posted some instructions (link below) to a pdf print service where I get my personal copies printed as an option for people to get them printed at cost. Others have used lulu as another option.

Please note that this is a third party printing service I have used, I am in no way affiliated with them and not making any money off copies printed by them (just to be clear).

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Hi there, there are no plans to print any versions (aside from the prizes offered as part of the jam at my own cost) as I’m not looking to get involved in sales/logistics etc. (this is a hobby project being released for free). However, I will likely update the pdfs based on feedback to a point when its not worth doing anymore (and the Players Handbook has been updated to v1.01 already). 

Yes, there's a bit of a drop if an NPC goes from 'NPC' status to 'Hero' status. You could bump the NPC straight to a level 2 hero which would probably smooth it out. As the referee you have freedom to play around with the attributes of NPCs to get them at the level you want. Good insight, thanks for the feedback.

I started playing B/X D&D (Moldvay edition) in the early 80's which was our main game of choice but I also recall playing a bit of Traveller, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Dragon Warriors, MERP (Middle Earth Role-Playing), TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Paranoia  before progressing onto AD&D aswell as reading lots of the Fighting Fantasy (Choose Your Own Adventure) books.

We have 19 people (as of todays date) who have joined the game jam which was probably more than I was expecting for an unknown game. So thank you and welcome to the jam.

We still have a number of weeks before the game jam starts but I was going to see if we can get to know each other a little bit better in the run up to the start of the jam.

The question I was going to ask as a way of introducing yourselves is,  when did you first start playing TTRPG games and what were the first few  games you remember playing?

Thanks for the catch!

Hey there. Yes, the Rogue skills on Page 34 of the Players Handbook should read 'agility'. I will mark this up for editing at the next revision.

Feedback noted on the similar agility & agile terms, I will have to dig out the thesauras and come up with another term (perhaps 'nimble').

Thanks for taking the time to post some feedback.

Hey stream-monk, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’ve spotted this one and it will be corrected in the next release.

Appreciate the kind words.

Hey Mr cbadger85, this was a hangover from when I toyed with a contested attack vs defence options. All marked for editing but will be going with the following:

  • (Rune Magic) Shielding +4 defence for encounter
  • (Earth Magic) Wood Skin +4 defence for encounter
  • (Form Magic) Steel Skin +3 Damage Resistance (deduct from damage sustained) for encounter
  • (Shadow Magic) Psionic Blast, no physical damage resistance applies here
  • (Water Magic) (Water Wall, changed to defence 8.

Good spots, thank you for the feedback.

Hey bf5man, thanks for the detailed proof-reading and feedback. I will take a look at each of these with a view to updating these old references/typos etc.

That is some excellent constructive feedback, much appreciated.

Hi stream-monk, I hadn't actually appreciated the metadata title was working off the same template name. I've updated this on current versions and played around with some .pdf compression software to get the file sizes reduced to some degree. Thanks for highlighting this, all feedback welcome.

Hey creiht, yes the skill die is intended to be used for all skill checks and acts as a simplified way of measuring their competence (like the monsters skill die). 

As the referee, you could make a ruling to decide where it may not be appropriate to use though (i.e. magic checks for example as any magic casting people are likely to have hero status and not a run of the mill NPC status)

Thanks for the question, hope the clarification is of use (and it's a subtle way of me getting some feedback on things which may be obvious to me I wrote it but not so obvious to someone who is reading the rules).

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Don’t worry, I’m aware the Dusky Dragon Inn needs an update as I revised elements of the Players Handbook after completing this supplement so it now doesn't quite match and I need to revise this (in addition to any typos or omissions). It's on the list of things to do!

Oooh, very interesting. Would love to hear more about this if you get it up and running.

As a suggestion, the way combat was designed was to get an even split between miss, hit and critical (with the very occasional critical failure). You could do three levels of damage and merge this into one roll so:

  • Miss = Minor damage (weapon damage at disadvantage)
  • Hit = Medium damage (weapon damage)
  • Critical = Major damage (weapon damage at advantage)

Hey jalexandratos, thanks for spotting the above. These have both been corrected and an updated version of the Players Handbook is now available with corrections. In answer to the points:

  • Yes, wildlings do get alertness
  • Yes, pilfer should be sleight of hand (a late name change)

Thanks for taking the time to read the system and providing some feedback.

Welcome DMNors, thanks for taking part! Would love to hear about others play experience (likes or dislikes).

Hey everyone, here's a link to a copy of the online character sheet my group use for the game.

Heroes of Adventure - Character Sheet (Google Sheet)

Hello there, it's great to see a few people have joined the game jam already (I was a little worried no-one would be interested). 

Welcome to the game jam and I look forward to seeing what people put together when the jam officially starts in December.

Hello there, I have made the Heroes of Adventure Affinity Publisher templates available for; races; classes; monsters and spell lists in case people would like to download and use these for creating their own content (using Affinity Publisher).

These can be downloaded at the following link here. 

Welcome to the Heroes of Adventure game jam. If you have any questions about the rules of the game jam then please post them here.

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To celebrate the launch of the Heroes of Adventure game, I will be running a game jam inviting people to create some content related to the Heroes of Adventure game system, this could be anything from:

Heroes of Adventure Game Jam link here:

  • A new hero class
  • A new hero race
  • A non-player character
  • A map
  • An adventure (i.e. one page dungeon)
  • A new monster or monster variant
  • An artefact or treasure
  • A puzzle, trap or hazard
  • New equipment
  • A faction
  • A new religion
  • Rumour table
  • Quest table
  • Random encounter table
  • A new rule or hack
  • ... or whatever you choose! 

The Heroes of Adventure Referees Guide provides a range of tools and processes for creating content for adventures which you can use if you wish.

The core rulebooks have been released under a creative commons licence and you are free to hack, tweak, amend and distribute content as you wish with credit to the author.


5 bundles of the three core rulebooks (Players Handbook, Referees Guide and Monsters Compendium) will be available as prizes. These will be printed with colour covers and black and white interiors.

These will be awarded to five randomly selected entrants (one prize i.e. one bundle per person max) who submitted an entry to the jam. 

Prizes will be issued a couple of weeks after the end of the game jam (please note these will be posted from the UK) once contact details are collected.

Submission Guidelines

Your submission should be somehow related to the Heroes of Adventure game and entries should be submitted between the 1st and 31st December 2022 in pdf format.

Your content must not promote hate speech, sexism, racism, bigotry etc.

A 'compatible with Heroes of Adventure' logo is available to download here if you wish to use this.

Hi jalexandratos. I don't think a lot of conversion would be necessary to run a BX/OSE module. I would say HoA is designed to be a bit more low powered and low magic as a general principle but no reason why you couldn't run other adventures. If I was converting an adventure I would focus on the following areas:

  • Stats: Hit Points = Health, Armour Class = Defence, Base Attack Bonus = Skill Die. Use the Heroes of Adventure equivalents or convert as follows:
    • Convert AC to ascending Armour Class = Defence score
    • For every 1HD = +5 health
    • Convert Base Attack Bonus to a skill die (+1 = d4, +2 = d6, +3 = d8)
    • Damage rolls = no change
  • Balancing = You could not worry about it (it's OSR, people may have to run away from time to time) or just vary the number or condition of monsters (i.e. if the adventure says 4 Ogres are present then make it 1 or 2 for example).
  • Monetary system = Default is silver pieces in Heroes of Adventure
  • XP = Could use as is or simply adopt a milestone system (i.e. level up after each adventure)

This hasn't been fully tested so would expect the referee to adjust as needed but it would be my starting point.

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Hey there, thanks for the kind comments. Let us know if you ever get round to running a game and what you thought of it (and welcome to the OSR community).

Thanks for the kind words, let us know if you get a chance to use the game or tools.

Thanks for the kind comments, much appreciated.

Hey Zsolan, I've uploaded the front cover for each rulebook as an image file for you to use, hope that helps.

I've just uploaded the cover images for the Players Handbook, Referees Guide and Monsters Compendium to each of their respective pages. Hope that helps.

Cool, let us know how the game goes. Would be good to hear of a real world experience (i.e. does everything hold up). 

Hey Zsolan, I've just printed a step by step guide for the online printing service I use here