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Rating Queue for Jams now available for all hosts

A topic by leafo created Jun 29, 2022 Views: 2,924 Replies: 5
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Admin (1 edit) (+8)

We’ve just made the Rating Queue functionality available for all jam hosts. When creating or editing a ranked jam you will now see a new section to configure the rating queue.

The Rating Queue is a special mode you can enable on ranked jams to help submissions reach a minimum number of votes in a fair manner. It works by requiring voters to rate from a random set of entries (default 5). Upon rating one of those entries, it will be swapped out with another random entry from the jam. This will prevent people from being able to directly rate a specific project, encouraging a fair distribution of ratings across all submissions to a jam. We strongly recommend using the Rating Queue for any jam where you want to collect public votes.

Additionally, there are now sections on Jam Guide regarding voting integrity with regards to Public and Contributors voting. Public voting is generally a bad idea, please read here for more information:


This is excellent! Question: is there an option for voters to select their operating system(s), so for example, a mac user doesn't get allocated 5 windows entries? 

Admin (2 edits) (+4)

Yup, that feature already exists, forgot to mention it in the guide.

Edit: Guide has been updated. I also mentioned the shuffle queue tool that helps prevent voters from getting stuck with an unplayable list of entries


Thanks for clarifying!


Suggestion for adding 4th option. 

"Accounts that are younger than 30 days must use rating queue"

Does the rating queue do not work when voter settings are set to submitters only?