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Concerns about the "Popular" sort algorithm

A topic by AirkSeablade created 6 days ago Views: 83 Replies: 2
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Because I am a bit vain about my game (who isn't?) I sometimes check in on it and see how it's doing in the various rankings.  And recently-ish (past month, at least) it has been... what I would describe as impressively low in the Popularity ranking.  Fine. I can accept that. I'd still like to improve it, but fine.  So I go looking to see if I can figure out how, and I stumbled onto

Okay. Great. So I just need more comments, more ratings, more sales, etc. 

But it seems weird that when I compare my game to games that are above it, I can very easily find games that are older (or newer!), have fewer (or no) ratings, fewer (or no) comments, and which, if I switch to "Best Selling" sort, are well below my title in that list.

So it's a frustrating experience, and I wonder what I'm missing. I don't think I'm just salty.


Nothing. The algorithm is complicated, precisely so it doesn't turn into a race for popularity, and also in order to give more people a chance at being visible. You're listed along with over 500K other games. There are only so many spots in the first few pages.


Respectfully, I never said anything about the "first few pages"; And sure, no "race to popularity" but being behind games that have never been updated, and have zero rankings, zero comments, and which show up hugely below you in the "Best Selling" sort does not inspire confidence.