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A topic by cyborgx7 created Apr 16, 2018 Views: 200 Replies: 4
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Finally got around to completing a simple proof of concept of my idea of combining chess and classic puzzle games like tetris/puyo puyo.   

There is still a lot to do:

  • Points/Combo System
  • Random enemy piece configuration (right now I jus placed a bunch of them manually
  • Upgrade art from programmer art
  • Refine enemy behaviour
  • Should there be other enemy pieces and how should they behave?
  • Should enemy pieces be able to take you?
  • Powerups? (Bombs with AoE, extra pieces to attack with)
  • ,,,

Really nice concept! While watching your video I had an idea: there could be a power up that lets you play as a differnet piece for a short amount of time (for example as a queen). 

Other enemys than pawns could be very hard to defeat for the player, because many chess pieces have more than one possible movement direction so you would not know where they will move.

Thanks. That's a cool idea. I was thinking separate pieces like pawns that work for you, but your idea of upgrading the piece you're playing with is even better. Other enemy pieces could come in very rarely to up the challenge for when you survived for a long time.

I think the enemy pieces should be able to take you, and that they should move (fall) like the pieces they are... maybe? (So maybe queens would fall faster than pawns?) Just an idea.

This looks fun!

I sadly didn't get around to anything I meant to do. Hopefully I'll implement everything I wanted to do at some point. But I submitted what I had back then so at least you can play it.