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Really cool game. Very impressed.

I wish there was some way to tell which puzzles correspond to which orbs after the fact. I lost track of which ones I had completed successfully and I only realized the deal with multiple solutions for the same puzzle half way through.

I had to reset the game to get my bearings again. Not a big deal, but seems like a solvable problem.

Level 19 feels like a reference to the Saffron City Gym from Pokemon.

Fun game, great job.

100%! Very hard, but very rewarding. Looking forward to part 2.

I love this game. Feels really great, and really novel. Too hard for me to finish it, but loved what I got to experience of it.

Really liked it, once I figured out how it worked. Would love a little more depth, maybe an endless mode, and an android version.

Wow, we actually did make the same game. One of the microgames even overlaps. Neat. I didn't manage to do the Police State one in time once.

I sadly didn't get around to anything I meant to do. Hopefully I'll implement everything I wanted to do at some point. But I submitted what I had back then so at least you can play it.

After playing this a bunch more I just realised this has a lot of qualities of solitaire. It's short, card-based, and somewhat based on the luck of the way the cards were dealt. Really enjoy it.

Thanks. That's a cool idea. I was thinking separate pieces like pawns that work for you, but your idea of upgrading the piece you're playing with is even better. Other enemy pieces could come in very rarely to up the challenge for when you survived for a long time.

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Finally got around to completing a simple proof of concept of my idea of combining chess and classic puzzle games like tetris/puyo puyo.   

There is still a lot to do:

  • Points/Combo System
  • Random enemy piece configuration (right now I jus placed a bunch of them manually
  • Upgrade art from programmer art
  • Refine enemy behaviour
  • Should there be other enemy pieces and how should they behave?
  • Should enemy pieces be able to take you?
  • Powerups? (Bombs with AoE, extra pieces to attack with)
  • ,,,

This is great. If this had a little more variety and depth, it would become one of my goto mobile games.

I had an idea for something I wanted to make but your list of abstract properties of chess made me rethink that. What I have is just based on the very basic ruleset of chess.

But maybe I can incorporate them into my existing idea? Thanks for the thoughts.

Could have gone a little longer and gone into more detail on the kingdoms and citizens, but I liked everything that I saw.

Lots of fun. Make sure to check out New Game+.