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Martin Grider

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I made space the drop button, and use up to rotate right. I think I could get used to having two buttons to rotate, but maybe not without a controller. I don't use down, so I could have made that drop, but it feels more natural to use my other hand.

Thanks so much for adding the controller options. Much more playable for me now!!!

Nice implementation. I kept mixing up drop and rotate. Would be nice to be able to configure the controls.

Love the aesthetic here, but I couldn't handle having to mouse around in order to rotate the piece. I think a bit more traditional 3D tetris controls would have helped allow the player to focus on beating the level/colosus. Still, it's a great game jam acomplishment!

I think the enemy pieces should be able to take you, and that they should move (fall) like the pieces they are... maybe? (So maybe queens would fall faster than pawns?) Just an idea.

This looks fun!

When I've done this in the past, my strategy has been to keep an array of possible moves for each piece. So to see if the king is in check, you just loop through the opponent pieces, checking each of their possible moves. Probably want to calculate the king's moves after all the other pieces. So when checking whether the king can move to a space, if it's a possible move by an opposing piece, don't add it to the array.

There are other benefits to maintaining these arrays too, for showing in the UI, etc.

Thank you!!!

Here's more info on the game, if you are curious:

I'm going to use this jam as an excuse to work on re-making Action Chess, my first iPhone game. It was originally created back in 2009 and it was the first thing I ever did in Objective-C. All the code is terrible, and it's definitely not portable to any other platforms. I've started a Unity project for it, but that's all the farther I got on it.

I’ve been totally addicted to this for the last day or two. Super good. 

very nice.