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Changing price for a download later, what happens?

A topic by Winter Wolves created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 165 Replies: 2
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A specific example:

- I do maybe a beta/alpha/pre-order for a game and set the full download for $10

- people buy that for $10

- after X months I raise price from $10 to $15 (as often some developers do) as the game gets near completion

Question: people who paid $10 will still get access to that item? or they need to pay the difference ($5)? or they need to pay again $15? It's not clear to me how this works :) thanks


People who own the game will continue to own the game regardless of what you set the price to. They will not need to pay the difference. If you have files that are unlocked with a specific price though, the original purchase price must be above that amount to access the file.

OK got it, thanks :)