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Secrets of Avalon

Multifaceted virtual novel with many genre's, romance, politics, humor, drama, and so much more. · By Suru - Fate Maker Games

Game Updates/Notes Sticky

A topic by Suru - Fate Maker Games created Apr 14, 2018 Views: 257 Replies: 5
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Developer (2 edits)

Ongoing work on the game will be placed here along with time stamps when the updates first take place.  


4/14/2018 - 

Work continues on updating the current demo to better graphics, as well as fixing reported bugs and spelling errors.  It is hoped we'll have this nicer version of the demo up and functional in the next two weeks.

Meantime notes:

Dere has a tracked variable of her own that is a bit of a 'personal confidence' that rises or lowers based on her choices.  This can effect future options of what she is or isn't willing to say, and in some cases lead to poor endings if she lacks the confidence to keep her secrets.

Developer (3 edits)

4/25/2018 - 

Demo is now nearly updated.  We are only waiting  on a more refined version of the title graphic.  If this is not available by the end of the month, a new download will be made available by early May without it.  (Photos have been updated to reflect the new definition already.)

Updates to look forward to: (Secrets of Avalon Demo Alpha0.7)

  • Several spelling issues have been fixed.
  • Lines have been shortened that were too long in sections.
  • Many overlapping sprite errors have been fixed (all reported errors).
  • All reported crashes have been fixed.
  • An issue causing incorrect replies from Anton if you rat him out to Beth and Odryn has been fixed.
  • An issue causing incorrect replies from Javion if you tell him 'Ew No' when he asks you out has also been fixed.
  • A small set of issues causing the game to jump incorrectly after scenes during the final event have been fixed.
  • Transitions have been added for day to day changes.

Other known missing aspects of the game such as sound and sprites only with Silhouettes are still in production and will be in future updates of the demo as they become available.  Another update will be posted at the point when this new build is complete!


Secrets of Avalon Demo Alpha 0.7 launched.  The above corrections have been made.  There has also been a Linux build added to the page.  

Developer (1 edit)

Work has picked back up.    There were some personal and professional issues that interrupted active development for both the artistic and writing team for several months.  Work now continues.  Day 6 is nearly complete, though a new build will not release until Day 7 (with all the opening active dates available!) has been finished.  By that time artwork for Roison and Triskel -should be- complete and also added in.  Alyth and Davis will not get artwork until a later date.


In an effort to keep more frequent updates.  Work continues.  Day 6 is complete, and Day 7 is a good 80% finished as well.  Still waiting on artwork for Roison and Triskel, pushing for receiving the artwork in early May.  A musical artist has also been hired, so depending on how quickly he works there may be some music in the next version of the demo as well.