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Secrets of Avalon

Multifaceted virtual novel with many genres, romance, politics, humor, drama, and so much more. · By Suru - Fate Maker Games

Game Updates/Notes Sticky

A topic by Suru - Fate Maker Games created Apr 14, 2018 Views: 697 Replies: 20
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Developer (2 edits)

Ongoing work on the game will be placed here along with time stamps when the updates first take place.  


4/14/2018 - 

Work continues on updating the current demo to better graphics, as well as fixing reported bugs and spelling errors.  It is hoped we'll have this nicer version of the demo up and functional in the next two weeks.

Meantime notes:

Dere has a tracked variable of her own that is a bit of a 'personal confidence' that rises or lowers based on her choices.  This can effect future options of what she is or isn't willing to say, and in some cases lead to poor endings if she lacks the confidence to keep her secrets.

Developer (3 edits)

4/25/2018 - 

Demo is now nearly updated.  We are only waiting  on a more refined version of the title graphic.  If this is not available by the end of the month, a new download will be made available by early May without it.  (Photos have been updated to reflect the new definition already.)

Updates to look forward to: (Secrets of Avalon Demo Alpha0.7)

  • Several spelling issues have been fixed.
  • Lines have been shortened that were too long in sections.
  • Many overlapping sprite errors have been fixed (all reported errors).
  • All reported crashes have been fixed.
  • An issue causing incorrect replies from Anton if you rat him out to Beth and Odryn has been fixed.
  • An issue causing incorrect replies from Javion if you tell him 'Ew No' when he asks you out has also been fixed.
  • A small set of issues causing the game to jump incorrectly after scenes during the final event have been fixed.
  • Transitions have been added for day to day changes.

Other known missing aspects of the game such as sound and sprites only with Silhouettes are still in production and will be in future updates of the demo as they become available.  Another update will be posted at the point when this new build is complete!


Secrets of Avalon Demo Alpha 0.7 launched.  The above corrections have been made.  There has also been a Linux build added to the page.  

Developer (1 edit)

Work has picked back up.    There were some personal and professional issues that interrupted active development for both the artistic and writing team for several months.  Work now continues.  Day 6 is nearly complete, though a new build will not release until Day 7 (with all the opening active dates available!) has been finished.  By that time artwork for Roison and Triskel -should be- complete and also added in.  Alyth and Davis will not get artwork until a later date.


In an effort to keep more frequent updates.  Work continues.  Day 6 is complete, and Day 7 is a good 80% finished as well.  Still waiting on artwork for Roison and Triskel, pushing for receiving the artwork in early May.  A musical artist has also been hired, so depending on how quickly he works there may be some music in the next version of the demo as well.


Update End June (27) 2019:

Continued development notes for followers:  (Note: These are NOT in the demo.  Just notes for where development is going.)

Programming and Writing have been completed through day 9.  (Testing for bugs still needs to take place.)  There are a few more rivalries that can be started up this week.  Also all of the first kisses for all romance option characters will take place by the end of this week (if you are going the romantic route).

Getting ready to start work on programming/writing for a murder mystery dinner event for day 10.

Artwork for Roison and Triskel's extra outfits has not yet been completed.  Waiting on other fixes to some of the sprites as well.

Musician has finished 6 of 10 pieces.

A background artist has been hired for a few more background pieces.  The castle gate, a tavern in the city, the castle ballroom, etc.

An artist has been found to help update the main screen artwork.

That's all at the moment.  Notes on development will be updated again toward the end of July.


July 2019 Updates:

Demo updates:

Largest change is having added music and a few new silhouette’s for npc’s.

Game work continues and basics are done through most of day 11 (only one more scene to write program to finish day 11).  Murder mystery night has been finished and W2 weekend will culminate in a haunted house event. 

Other changes have been updated on the main page and description.


This will be one of the final updates to the public demo of Secrets of Avalon (except for artwork for characters as it becomes available and programmed in).  I will continue to give basic updates of progress monthly but if you want MORE (because who doesn’t want more?) then consider becoming a patron for me here:  .  Patrons will get access to sneak peaks of more art for the game as well as more detailed descriptions of where the process is.  Depending on tier patrons will also receive access to the game beyond the demo as it progresses as well as options for occasional raffled prizes or more.  Please consider helping to fund the continued progress of this game!


Update Notes 8/21/2019.

So, school starting this month has been exceptionally (read: needlessly) busy.  (My monsters are finally out of the house so I can work more!  Excited about that.) Despite the mess that starting school was; work was still moving forward.  

The base plot and programming is complete through half of the second week's Friday (or day 12.5/28).  We are up to 52 achievements! (11 of which are bad ends for those interested in how Dere can generally screw up her life- fun times).  There has also been a section added to the end after the credits that tells you what general ending path you are currently on for each character (for that play through of the game obviously).  

I will be trying to playtest all the new stuff and work out bugs before I post a playable (and hopefully far less bugtastic) version for my patrons at Patreon that have access (I'd appreciate you signing up - I do a little dance at my desk every time someone does - make me dance!).  I want to get the new playable demo for patrons up before the end of August but that will depend on how much I have to run to school's for kiddo's as well as knowing my birthday bash at the end of the month will not be a day I code or write for the game.  



Update Notes: 9/5/2019

New Demo for Patrons posted through half of W2 Friday (day 12.5).  There are several other photos of backgrounds and some game hints available to patron's on Patreon as well.  If you cannot be a patron that's okay too.  I will still offer updates here of where the game is progressing but with less developmental commentary.  There will be occasional sneak peaks on patreon even for those unable to afford to support the game financially in an ongoing way so feel free to keep an eye on the page even if you cannot afford to donate!  You can find the game under: Suru-Fate Maker Games.

Happy Soon to be Autumn!


Update Notes: 9/26/2019

Work is done through W2 Friday.  W2 Sat is about 50% finished at this time.  W2 Sunday has some of the skeleton coding/outlining finished .  W2 Sunday will have the opportunity for our MC to have a tarot reading with one of the other houses running events and that is what much of the current work has gone into involving that day.  I will be attempting to get another demo build up for patrons sometime in October (preferably by W2) that will at least run through W2 Sat and the tarot event in W2 Sunday (however, if this is done there will still be some placeholder scenes for certain parts of the haunted house the main characters are running on Sat.)

Art continues, with some (though not yet all) of Roison's casual outfit completed (still waiting on some expressions with it).  I will be updating the public demo once all of the casual outfit/expressions have been received for Roison and Triskel, this should also have a few bug fixes I've discovered (or thankfully had reported to me!).   However, if you want sneak peeks, you can also support continued production of this game over at patreon.  Found here:  (Suru-Fate Maker Games) (Once I get concept art for Davis and Alyth it will also be going up on patreon.   Hopefully within the next month or so).

Definitely progress!  Please let me know if you find any issues in your play throughs of the game and I will do my best to get fixes into the game (as well as the next public build of the demo).

Happy Autumn!


Update Notes: 10/10/19

More Updates:

Looking for a fun game to play for Halloween?  Got that itch for spooky stuff?
Try out the extended demo for Secrets of Avalon by becoming a patron!  (The demo here is still not updated as we're still waiting on artwork.)
The patreon demo takes us through the second week of the Great Covenant which is very themed for Hallow’s Eve.  There are haunted houses, murder mysteries, hidden dangers (chances for death in character), other dark plots and of course romance (of both the tragic and romantic varieties).  

Please come and support our game as it continues to develop!  More up-front information and pictures for patrons of any level as well as raffled prizes for those that support the game every six months.

In early November for every patron that’s offered any monetary donation they will be given tickets to a raffle to win a small chibi plush (4-5 inches big) of the character of the Secrets of Avalon character of their choice!  As made by The Plushie Lady from DA.  You can find this talented lady here:  [url] .  [/url]

A runner up will have the ability to decide on what npcs will be involved in one of the placeholder scenes of open events in the game.



Update Notes: 12/3/19

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Artwork update:  In bittersweet news I had to part with my sprite artist (but I have a new one!).  She lacked the time to continue to work properly on the game resources and we came to a mutual decision that she needed to step away.  However, I already found a new artist that is willing to continue to work and has already started on the sprites I'd been waiting for to update the public demo.  

A plushie has been won by one of our patrons for the raffle and is being worked on.  Another patron won a scene prompt and that will also be in the updated demo when it is released.

Later this month patrons will vote on a possible new friendship or romance to be added into the game.  All around very exciting stuff in store.  Game definitely moving along.  We're still early in the programming of week two but there were lots of fixes that were required in week two.  Keep warm everyone.  I wish you the best during the holiday season.


Work continues.   More updates occur on the pateron than here.  However, the game is progressing.  Images for Alyth have been completed and those for Davis have been started.


Update Mid2020:

Game work continues:

-The Script is steadily heading toward completion of W3 Wed.

-It started needing 33 scenes and only needs 7 now.

-W3 Wed involves a series of possible events and a social dinner between characters so it is the longest day of Week 3 other than the upcoming weekend event.

-W3 Wed Weekend Event will be a Casino theme where you will host one day and get to go hang out/date Love Interests another.

-Week 3 involves choices to remain in 'exclusive' relationships with several characters. (Ignoring them after agreeing to date them only at this point can be detrimental to the relationship)

-A CG artist has been hired. I can say that the first CG will be Thaddeus' rescue of Dere during the first week even with the lanterns. The artist just got references for the first CG and it will take time to get everything in order. Sketches/Lineart will be added to Patreon when they exist. They may also be added as just sketches or lineart into the demo whenever that step is reached. Actual color pics will be for patron's only until the full release.

-Further prizes have been given out to patrons since the last update on


Update Early Aug 2020:

W3 Wed and Thurs Complete.  (18/28 days complete).  

W3 Friday and the weekend will be very involved and take some effort to accomplish.  

By the end of W3 most characters will have the option for the MC to be exclusive with them going into the final week).  

W3 Friday will involve some important information/or a possible final lock out of learning MC's past.  You can still finish the game with positive endings without having discovered what happened to her memory. 

Still waiting on CG stuff back.   No new news there.

In October we'll be looking at prizes for patrons.  If we can get another commission with plushielady at DA, that will be the prize again.  Otherwise we'll come up with something of an equatable value.


October 2020 Update:

Progress continues.  The script and base programming is nearly complete through W3 Friday (or day 19/28).  The demo itself will not extend to this point, but will also be getting an update soon as other assets are attained and programmed in.

The script has been mostly tested through (3 routes still need to be tested for basic bugs).  There are some fixes that will need to be done, but the lion's share of the work is done through this point in the game.  Work on the third weekend event will be starting soon - a Casino weekend and that sort of themed games/events with various members of your dorm.  At this point, you can have inspired several rivalries between various members that will alter how they interact and what they say to each other.  (Much more shade is thrown if they are rivals).

GUI is in active development, the down payment for it has been made.   Hoping to get it back this month sometime so I can get a new build out for players.  My patrons will get a build through the full nineteen days once I have finished testing and gotten the GUI (and programmed it in).

CG's are also in active development.  The artist has been excellent and hopefully they can get many pieces done with me to help improve SoA.  I will be adding all the sketches to the demo when I have them as new builds are released (to whatever point in the demo they might take place).   When I have colored versions though, they will be updated for my patrons. : )

Patrons will be getting rewards for October as well, including a lucky patron that will get a small plushie of their choice (of one of the game characters).  Exciting times.

For those interested in offering extra support to Secrets of Avalon as it develops you can find the pateron here:


New Demo with 80% of GUI up!

This update has most of the new GUI.  The Main Menu and another Extras Page (that will break up some of those extras!) will be added eventually.  Also deciphered how to allow donations if you'd like to support my project that way.  The non-demo build (available to patrons on the patreon) is done through day 19 of 28!  I hope people enjoy the lovely new artwork employed in the game!

Note: For this build to work you cannot be using previous saves/versions of the game or the data will pop errors frequently.  If you are getting errors even after you deleted previous data please let me know what they are so I can work on them.  

Thank you for playing!


New Year (Sort of) Update:

We've been fairly busy working on more content.  Every in game day is a touch more complex than the last.  Some of W3 Sat (day 20) is finished but there are several scenes to go before we'll finish that day out.  Our CG artist had to take a month off to study for exams but will be back soon.  There are some beauties that will still be made for us.  Work is definitely continuing and thank you for any support!


Update Notes early March:

Work continues.  Lots of little fixes have largely been taking place.  Day 20 is moving along steadily, but even previous days are getting some scenes that had previously been placeholders and just lots of polish has been taking place the past few months.  Several more CG's have finished, along with another chibi (the sketch of which is available in the art section here on  We are moving steadily closer to finishing out day 20.  Some open scenes are still going to be there, just as in previous points, but they will get filled in later.  Plotting is moving more and more toward the final week and end game options with several large reveals already options by the end of week 3.  Thanks for sticking with us, we'll get SoA finished and polished up yet!