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Figured my issue out and it's great so far. :D 

Great game so far submitted the bug to the report bug area.

Twin Coves community · Created a new topic This

the game touches on so many things I love in a story, I cant wait for the demo in a couple of days.

Mainly trying to get the other ending for Micheal I keep choosing different options to get it and just keep getting his good ending xD.

It's beautiful and now I am just missing one CG it's driving me crazy lol (the one between Micheals and Ace's in the extras) Also I got hopeful but I see Keldran isnt a option is lol ? 

Yesss !!! I am so excited!

Whoo!! I'm excited for this

:) no problem.

Some of them

*Sings* I am so excited ( still) for this game.

I am really excited to see how this plays out in the final game. :)

So excited for more.

Just wondering if there's a devblog or update website we can read as we wait?

I been playing the Demo and I am so excited for the full game !

Congrats !

sad it went on Hiatus but real life and you come before the game, and hey Hiatus doesn't mean cancelled its just set aside till you feel ready and able to finish it.

figured out the question I deleted. XD

Happy Solstice /Holidays I hope it becomes a great last of the year followed by a much better new year.

(Update) I dont get why this worked but it works on Mozilla Firefox which is odd ( there's other games that are text and in browser like this I play on my chrome so idk why it messed up for yours)

Yessssss, this was so worth coughing on hot chocolate to read. :)

Lol I will try to find one I started using chrome awhile back when browser games stopped being compatible with mozzilla firefox.

It says html lower case code missing.

no problem . :) 

loving the lore, just to let you know there's a code line error after you help Issak on the kren path.

Gods,I love games like this. :)

really hope to see some updates or dev logs on this :)

there's an error in the game it won't run and pops up an error message when I click to begin.

This game made me such a happy Lady! ( I love reading,RP , fantasy, and studying culture and history so this kind of setting with some fantasy too hit that happy little niche for me)

I have loved the characters and lore so far ,I can not wait for the full game!

This is pretty adorable I cant wait to play the actual full story ( Dietrich and Alistair and Marz are my favorite characters so far)

I would really love a non futa option but it is your game so do what you think fits best. :)

Really excited to play my own gender as a god in this game. XD

I am excited to play with the  update. :)

I really loved this back when I played it abit ago ,I hope you are doing well during this stressful time in the world and I hope to someday see how this story ends even if just a story you write and put up somewhere to read.

Merfolk !!!!!! ,,Sorry I got alittle excited when I saw the blurb on plot and the lovely character bios.