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Congrats and I am so excited to see the full game! :D 

I am really happy to hear this is not a dead project :)

my question is are you remembering to take time for self-care also? (even if it's just a drink and moment to breathe)

it's so close we can taste it! Breathe and remember we all are here supporting you threw this project, you got this

I really wish I could of donated T_T I sadly have no way to spend money online atm

This looks interesting. :)

shared it around some last night ^_^

I really wish I had the extra money after moving to donate and help out T_T 

thanks now I just need the chez dad one ( eat the snail but I cant find the event for that one XD)

I am trying to get all the clues in the murder mystery portion any help would be great!

you did so well on this.

I just noticed it was 1.1 I was playing so time to update lol.

so tried today and I think the error screen that pops up where you have to click roll back or ignore is messing with some of the conversations I got the black screen with no CG shown for Watcher again.

Watcher but it was before the walkthroughs went up (I got busy with real life so will try again later :) )

cool that means despite going for romance I got friendship :)

So happy you put up walkthroughs now  I can know exactly what endings I got. :D 

Congrats and I wish you nothing but joy and love for your future years. :)

Congrats you all look so lovely.

it was the tall purple/lilac exterior one the fancier one.:) I tried that and it didn't work but I made a new save and tested the other buildings and didn't get it anywhere but the purple/lilac exterior one to happen.

Found a bug I got into my apartment for the first time the cut scene ended and when the npc left I could not walk away from the sink/counter space where I was standing my character was just spinning in any direction I tried to walk.

Here I am rooting for you.

So why does it say there's a Cg to unlock T_T 

Tried to follow this and failed like ten times XD I am gonna just do the other routes till the guide comes out.

I am wondering how many Cg's/endings there are for Alucain I got a bad ending and then a budding friendship ending CG.  other then this the game is wonderful.

it's so adorable I've been replaying the mini-demo excitedly waiting for the full game release. :D 

So my issue in the game so far is unable to open any menus or map was wondering if its actually in the game or if I am trying the wrong thing to open them (example esc menu I thought would be the escape button)

Figured my issue out and it's great so far. :D 

Great game so far submitted the bug to the report bug area.

Twin Coves community · Created a new topic This

the game touches on so many things I love in a story, I cant wait for the demo in a couple of days.

Mainly trying to get the other ending for Micheal I keep choosing different options to get it and just keep getting his good ending xD.

It's beautiful and now I am just missing one CG it's driving me crazy lol (the one between Micheals and Ace's in the extras) Also I got hopeful but I see Keldran isnt a option is lol ? 

Yesss !!! I am so excited!

Whoo!! I'm excited for this

:) no problem.

Some of them

*Sings* I am so excited ( still) for this game.