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heh it's ok . 

I haven't really gotten that to happen yet.

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I feel like romance routes is just a title just like in real life characters have personalities and tastes so hopefully what I am getting is Yokubo will be making any affectionate moments fit with the character it involves. :) 

also still have not been able to use any showers at my mom's in puzzle or my manor.

(also so far Yokubo has been super nice and accepting of opinions and reports of us playing threw the game)

well that please's me ,I shall keep waiting and rooting on you. :)

Hey I was wondering are you still working on this lovely game?

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Kk I found over the years of beta testing saving alot is your friend,so saving after every fight let me sometimes keep getting it and sometimes not.

also when you buy clothes ot dress up nothing happens anymore when you put them on stays on default outfit.

so far so good had another random crash during combat this time with female vampire.

it happens for me also on windows ten. (just noticed it today when i loaded up after work)

so far so good . :)

Windows 10.

just to let you know (especially since its early development the game tends to freeze up and crash during combat specifically against naked male humans)

so far have got a couple bad endings and the glen ending ,I am missing 2 Cg's I assume are related to endings.

I am so excited !

I hope you are doing well . :) loved what i played of the demo so far.

I loved the demo, if I was not broke for a unforeseen amount of time I would be pledging right now.

I am actually excited for this game. :D

hey just to let you know that link to the full update is broken and does not lead anymore.