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Quick question relating to Youtube to MP3

A topic by Durant dev created 19 days ago Views: 127 Replies: 5
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I was wondering if thats possible as i cant find any tutorials for unity in c#

does anyone have a document or know someone that can explain the fundamentals?


I don't understand the question, and what does it have to do with


oh! Please excuse me i thought that this was any kind of questions related to coding / (anything in the game developement community)

But I should still explain myself, i was wondering if there were any tutorials for converting youtube videos to mp.3 file just with the video link using the unity engine (C#)

Once again please excuse me and sorry for the trouble.


No problem.

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This is not a game development question.

Anyway, going about it in Unity is kinda silly. Unity's a game engine - you're talking about taking specific media files and extracting the audio from them (unless you're meaning to do something like take audio from a Youtube video and stream it as audio in a game, which isn't practical unless you like audio lag). I'm going to spitball here since I don't have the source code for something like file2hd, and I don't want to explicitly give instructions for pirating audio just in case my work manager ever finds this account, but you'd hypothetically want to find the source file (or a m3u8 file pointing at the media and get a stream from that file) that Youtube loads. Youtube tries to hide this, and it doesn't help that the different qualities are probably going to put you at a different source url, but if you can't find a pattern there's several websites that will just let you download the video. From there, you're just taking a video file and converting it, which something like can help you with.

You could take a look at the source for youtube-dl (An open source command line tool that downloads and converts YouTube videos into a number of formats):