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Kinship - Low Poly base building game

A topic by OverworkedStudios created Apr 12, 2018 Views: 272 Replies: 3
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Inspired by games such as SimCity, Cities Skyline's, Banished, Civilization, Life is Feudal: Forest Village, Kingdoms and Castles, Don't Starve, Oxygen Not Included, and many others over the decades, Kinship is a low-poly style medieval / fantasy floating-island game.

The game is currently in an Alpha state. Anyone willing to help us out can purchase the alpha for $5 or more. Every purchase will come with access to our dev slack channel where you can contribute ideas and feedback directly to us, as well as a steam key.

Some cool features:

  • Low Poly style
  • Deformable snow
  • Blueprint build mode
  • Map layers (like sim city / cities skylines)
  • Hero (in dev)
  • Multiplayer (in dev)
  • Campaign (in dev)

Instantly thought Minecraft when we saw it, but wow, that looks damned brilliant!

Thanks @storysmash!

How did you guys get the idea? the game looks like a copy of Kingdoms and Castles