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Cab you join our discord server? That's where we track bug reports and feature requests.

it happens automatically. What version are you running? Stable or alpha?

I've been thinking about a schematics bluprint pop-up to allow you to control things like valves via  2d interaction menu.

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I'm considering how to enable this while still retaining rights to make some profits and control the destiny of the game. I tried to contribute to wolfpack but the devs want to keep it closed. What's the best way to contact you via IM? Do you have FB messenger or something similar?

Checkcheck out the latest videos on There will be multiplayer and there will be battles. This is a very very early alpha, years of development ahead.

Thanks. You can post over at:

Thank you very much!

Thanks sir! I am posting a lot on - would you like for me to post on the devlog on itch too?

Hi all, please feel free to post your feedback and ideas about the game here.

New update has been released.

Thanks thanks for the bug report, we'll get it sorted out

Thanks @storysmash!

Inspired by games such as SimCity, Cities Skyline's, Banished, Civilization, Life is Feudal: Forest Village, Kingdoms and Castles, Don't Starve, Oxygen Not Included, and many others over the decades, Kinship is a low-poly style medieval / fantasy floating-island game.

The game is currently in an Alpha state. Anyone willing to help us out can purchase the alpha for $5 or more. Every purchase will come with access to our dev slack channel where you can contribute ideas and feedback directly to us, as well as a steam key.

Some cool features:

  • Low Poly style
  • Deformable snow
  • Blueprint build mode
  • Map layers (like sim city / cities skylines)
  • Hero (in dev)
  • Multiplayer (in dev)
  • Campaign (in dev)