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Uboat Simulator

The most realistic WWII U-Boat simulator · By OverworkedStudios

Ideas Sticky

A topic by OverworkedStudios created Mar 28, 2019 Views: 278 Replies: 9
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Hi all, please feel free to post your feedback and ideas about the game here.

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Where could I post a pic or something similar that shows that I may have broken your game demo?

Oh and the second engine seems to not work or works for while then stops not sure what the prob is there, but overall this game is pretty good game, keep up the good work.


Thanks. You can post over at:

Oh and I also noticed that FPS drops by a bunch when looking in certain directions inside the sub and a little bit out of the sub but when in "free cam" it didn't seem to do any FPS drops at that time. but some of that can be related to the computers operation systems and cards and all that, but overall it is a great game, oh and I had gotten both engines working but after a bit the one on the right stopped working well right if you look at them when you spawn in and sometimes it seems the right one doesn't always want to start.  It might be cool to have a way to control some things without having to look at the valves and such like that with an easy to use menu that can be brought up if you don't have a wired/wireless mouse on you and are just using the mousepad, but the engine thing was happening in the last one posted I have to check out your newest version of the game.


I've been thinking about a schematics bluprint pop-up to allow you to control things like valves via  2d interaction menu.

Oh and having options in the game that involved more than just the quality settings would be very appreciated at least by me if not anyone else.

Oh and is there anywhere I could post this kind of stuff besides here maybe so it could be seen way sooner by you or something?



Hi there, great to see more U-Boot effort!

A focus on engine simulation is great, I take you have played Wolfpack and found the game lacking?
One thing that struck my eye: The font on the "start" "reverse" etc. looks out of place. It was used in advertisements back in the day, a more appropriate font for an engine room of the time would be the one described in

I'd love to contribute to this, as I am a Unity gamedev as well, but you probably don't want to open source this, right?
My skills are Unity, Godot, UE4, Blender, Git and generally an interest in sub simulation.

Keep it up, by the rate they release Wolfpack updates, you will replace that game in two years time ;)

Developer (1 edit)

I'm considering how to enable this while still retaining rights to make some profits and control the destiny of the game. I tried to contribute to wolfpack but the devs want to keep it closed. What's the best way to contact you via IM? Do you have FB messenger or something similar?