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Spin up a local web server to serve downloaded HTML-type games?

A topic by ꜱᴩʀɪᴛᴇ➀ created Apr 09, 2018 Views: 168 Replies: 4
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Some HTML5 games like those made in Godot have trouble running when directly opened locally.

Right now, the client seems to just download the files and extract them to a directory then opens it directly from there. My suggestion is, when the user tries to launch a downloaded HTML game, spin up a local web server in that game's folder and load the path


in the pop out window instead. Of course when the game is closed, the local web server should be terminated as well.


Hey there,

Can you link to a game that isn't working?

The app doesn't "just open the directory" using the file: protocol - it registers a custom protocol that serves the game's files, see:

If you link me to a game I can investigate further :)

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Sure, here's a test I uploaded. It's set to restricted but I'm sure admins can still see it. 😋 made it public for less hassle

It works when opened on a browser but when I try to open it from the client, it doesn't load. I thought it was serving the files directly using `file://` because this same behavior (it not working) can be observed when opening the HTML file of the game locally. 


Gave it a spin, and it seems the reason it's buggy has nothing to do with the protocol it's loaded over :)

It appears the `navigator.languages` array is empty in electron's browser window context.

Apparently it's a known issue, that we can work around:

It'll have to wait for itch v25 though (the next big release). I've opened an issue here to track our progress:

Nice, thanks! Looking forward for 25 to drop. 🎉