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Sure, here's a test I uploaded. It's set to restricted but I'm sure admins can still see it. 😋 made it public for less hassle

It works when opened on a browser but when I try to open it from the client, it doesn't load. I thought it was serving the files directly using `file://` because this same behavior (it not working) can be observed when opening the HTML file of the game locally. 


Gave it a spin, and it seems the reason it's buggy has nothing to do with the protocol it's loaded over :)

It appears the `navigator.languages` array is empty in electron's browser window context.

Apparently it's a known issue, that we can work around:

It'll have to wait for itch v25 though (the next big release). I've opened an issue here to track our progress:

Nice, thanks! Looking forward for 25 to drop. 🎉