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today's word should not be on the secret words list

A topic by Jingqi Yang created Jun 01, 2022 Views: 2,138 Replies: 5
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[don't read if you haven't played today yet]

one of today's words daily dordle #0128 is the pluralized form of a 4 letter word. by my understanding, 4 letter pluralized nouns and 4 letter verbs with s at the end aren't part of the secret word list in wordle, quordle, etc. it should probably be removed from the list.



Assuming this is referring to 6/2's puzzle (which there are spoilers for below)

I do sort of agree, but "means" has its own meaning beyond the plural of "mean". It's common to say "a means to an end" - it's clearly a singular word of its own. There are other words on the answer list like this too, where you figure it's plural and can't be the answer until you think, "well, maybe that word has enough of a meaning in its own to not just be a plural?"

I could go either way with this, honestly. It's a bit confusing but I don't think it's in any way wrong to leave them in.


Means is an individual word with a different meaning to mean.

It's about the June 1 puzzle, where one of the words was "cards" 

"Cards" is an edge case because of the phrase "They're playing cards" ("playing" in this case being the verb), where "cards" is a stand in for anything - poker, bridge, whatever. I suspect this is how it got into the list as there hasn't been a  plural in the answers before.