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i usually write down a list of all the words i can think of that match the 2 patterns, then take the most common letters to form the next guess. i type it out in a notes app which requires leaving the game every 2 seconds. anyway, i'm just giving feedback about my own player experience. not everyone plays the game the same way and it's helpful to game devs to hear different play styles.

i only play these games on my phone and frequently switch tabs, which is why i would prefer it on its own site. but i can see the draw of having it all hosted on if the playing history can be linked to your account and sync'd across devices. i'm not sure if it does that though.

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having to click the "run game" button every time you leave the tab and come back is annoying.

suggestion: it would greatly improve the user experience to have dordle hosted on its own website like wordle, quordle, etc. in fact, if you can generate all the html and front-end javascript to run on, then you can surely just copy those files to a github pages site, no server needed.

[don't read if you haven't played today yet]

one of today's words daily dordle #0128 is the pluralized form of a 4 letter word. by my understanding, 4 letter pluralized nouns and 4 letter verbs with s at the end aren't part of the secret word list in wordle, quordle, etc. it should probably be removed from the list.

the girls are really so awesome!!! 💖💖💖💖💖