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Direct "rate my game" link and more?

A topic by Martin Nerurkar created Apr 02, 2018 Views: 187 Replies: 6
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Hey y'all,

so I'd like to get more people to rate my game Nowhere Prophet but that's hard to do. To that end I was wondering if it was possible to get a direct link that opens the game's page with the "rate this game" lightbox open? I've tried finding something on that topic but did not.

I'd love to share that to people via social media and maybe even put a link into the game itself.



Just bumping this a tad.

And to reiterate: The idea is that you there's a link that leads to an itch page (if you're logged in) that shows the game and the review details (stars + comment) and not much else. This would allow me to send people there to get a better idea of how people receive the game.


Hey, sorry for not replying sooner. I want to add this but I haven't had a chance yet. Although we want to redo our ratings & reviews system, I think adding a direct url in the meantime can help existing people


Also, can I ask what and how you want to redo the ratings system?


It's not fully decided yet, but I want to move away from 5 star system, have something that can only have positive endorsement. Additionally I want to make the process of writing reviews and adding ratings a lot more streamlined to encourage people to do it more regularly.

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Hm. I could see a qualitative list of descriptive positive tags that people can add to a game.

  • "Great artwork" 
  • "Compelling atmosphere"
  • "Fun mechanics" 

Something like that. Then people can add as many as they feel fit.

Maybe the system is a bit of make-your-own tag. Adjective + Game-element can be combined but there's only positive combinations? Dunno.

(I'm sure you have your own plans, just sth that came to mind real quick)

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

It's now available, you can get a direct URL to rate a game by right clicking on the Rate Game button and copying the URL (or you can add /rate to the end of your game's URL: