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How can I limit coupon use in a sale/bundle?

A topic by Bl4ckSh33p-Soft created Mar 31, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 2
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Hi. The sale page says you can limit coupons but I can't find any option to define how often it can be used. ("You can also limit the quantity available."). And the help page says "Additionally, you can set a limit on the maximum number of times the coupon is redeemed.". Where can I find this option? I want the coupon only be usable by X people for a 100% sale. 

And I can't create multiple codes,  only one?


At the moment you can't limit 100% off sales due to how 100% off sales give access to the project page. Sorry about that, it's likely we'll adress that in a future update.

If you set a rate to anything other than 100% you'll see the field to set a limit to the number of coupons.

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Thanks. I tried it with a 0% bundle sale but I can't use 0.00 as price then. But the field to set a limit appeared. 

PS. When I disable the claim checkbox is the 100% like a free demo weekend and you need to buy it to download again after the sale or how does this work?