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Searching for specific languages?

A topic by SmokeSomeFrogs created Mar 29, 2018 Views: 188 Replies: 3
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Hey, I just wanted to ask is there any other option to look for languages other than typing the language in the search bar which is a little bit inconvenient because for example when I search for Dutch games I get also games in English about the flying dutchman etc.

Surely there is the possibility to click on a language of a game in the description or type it in the address bar /lang-andtheabbreviationforthelanguage but this methods also are not as fast as possible. 

If there's not an option which I simply haven't seen yet, I wanted to ask if you could add the option to add a language button in the left where people can search especially for their languages? And also maybe control the ones which are adding 10 or more? ~ (some of them are just textless; this annoys me a lot on Steam.)

Sometimes I just want to play a game in a language which I'm learning and I think it would encourage localization :)

Thank you and sorry if I just overlooked something!


We do have classifications for language, but I don't think we have a page that lets you list them all out and pick them right now.

You can add `lang-CODE` to the end of a browse url like this:

I don't know how much users are non-english at the moment but having a list on the left, like 'Misc' or 'Input Method', would be nice to make it even easier :D



I'm another vote for this. I'm actively looking for games in a few languages, and I know others who do the same where they can. It would be great if became a place where that could easily be done.